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Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Night

Night is blessed with stars
Stars bless me with a smile
Dreams are so evanescent
Still they are all mine
This night is still long
It shall linger on
unbroken dreams will remain
Live this time like never before
Tonight will no more be true again....

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Perfect Partner

This post is for the ones who think there is no perfect match and for the ones who think there is always a perfect match..

Well what if i say both statements are true? confused?
aha! i guess you must be finding me insane and foolish, taking sides of both the thoughts that seem extremely opposite!

Think again! No one is perfect. If you'll say there is an ideal man and/or a woman on this planet, u must be thinking of some UFOs. There is none. and we all know that we all have shortcomings. There is no human mind that has mastered in literature, science, mathematics, finance, emotions, dance, music etc and doesn't have ego, bad habits, rage, negative attitude and treats everyone perfectly. We all have developed one or the other portions of our minds that's why we are not alike. So no one is superior and no one is inferior. I have seen some people telling others, that yeah she/he is successful in his profession and comparing them with others who are not so well off.. Think again! Do you really think the person is superior to you because s/he is successful in her/his profession? How maturely s/he handles her/his personal life, life with friends and relatives or spouse? How much open space s/he provides and allows free flow of thoughts around her/him?

Yes no one is perfect. Now u got it. Everybody develops some or the other portion of their minds and personality. Some of them seem less imperfect than others. That's because may be they know how to suppress their negative or darker side. They have developed the whiter portion of their personality. Such people are really less imperfect. Live a better life on professional and personal front. Respects others views and try not to shoot others' with their prejudice and bias.

Hence there is no perfect partner. I have proved one thought. And the other thought states that there is a perfect partner.
When our imperfections match with the other person's imperfections that are acceptable to us and suits us totally, with no unpleasant vibes, then that person is perfect for us. Its mutual.

People around me who are thinking of getting married due to pressure of outside world or due to the marriage of their own friends and in family, just give it a thought "do u wish to marry at right age or u wish to marry the right person?"
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