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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I am an Indian against Corruption!

I am a man - a common man. I earn my bread sometimes by pulling a rikshaw, sometimes lifting a heavy sack. I sometimes fix the taps of others' homes, and some days I scavenge those plastic bags from that big pile of garbage.

I am a woman, who struggles daily to get two square meals, to feed my children, to feed the unborn in me. My mornings are spent cleaning others' homes and sometimes I brush up the roads. I hear the loud cries of the hungry stomachs, and weakened by daily gusts of poverty but I fight harder. I am a mother whose child has abandoned her, and my time is near. I daily bang my head in government offices to avail my rights, to get my pension. I lift up my old crippled husband to the government hospitals on my bare shoulders covered with torn clothes, and I sit there whole day waiting for my turn.

I am a child who begs for money on the street, because my parents can't afford my education, my relatives have left me on the roads because they can't feed one more mouth. I can't get the vaccines, because they are unavailable to me even if they are free. I am an Indian, who wants to make it big, but they tell me that everything comes at a cost. And that cost comes with an additional cost. I am an Indian who is tired of paying taxes and extra cess on those taxes and still when I go out to buy a house, I pay additional sums to get my work done on time and keep myself out of trouble. I am an Indian who is about to die soon, but the installments still remain to be paid off. I feel bad that I couldn't secure a safe future for my child. I am the soul of that soldier who died because he was provided corroded rifles, and fake bulletproof jackets. I am a man who voted for a party thinking they wont do a party at my cost. I selected a handful of people, with a trust they will act best in my interest.
I believe if there is no corruption, half of my struggles will be solved. I may pass away peacefully in my own abode rather than on a random street. I may enjoy the a life of a human, rather than a bull who pulls the wagon all his life. I want to live each day. My country, my motherland will never be ashamed of not being able to feed me, shelter me, protect me.
I am an Indian, who is corrupt only because the system is corrupt, who asks for additional sums to get work done on time, because I have to pay that extra amount to get my work done- even to get an identity. I am that Indian who is promised to get a better life before every election, but left hungry, crippled and poorer after every selection!

I will stand against corruption, to fight against the system! I will never stop fighting till I win against a handful of money suckers who think they are the Kings and queens of the country! I think they have forgotten, but not me in a democracy there is no king and no queen, only of the people, by the people and for the people.

I will Free India from corruption, I am an Indian against Corruption!


  1. Really nice words,
    We are the citizens of India going to make a NEW Revolution WE are going to throw out corruption from INDIA

  2. I too am an Indian against a corrupt Government.
    Nice post :)

  3. Each single word is true, it would touch every indian's heart and soul if he/she really wants to throw this corruption from where it started, that's why i support Shri Anna Hazare coz ab waqt aagaya kuch karne ka, aur yeh desh hamara hai.
    Jai Hind Jai Bharat.

  4. Jai Hind to all. Thankyou for dropping by.

    Pratik@update yourself : Yes, we have to throw corruption out of ourselves and out of India, to make a decent space specially for marginalized section of the society. Isn't it?

    ~Serendipity~: Not just Government, but being Indians we should try to fight against every small act of corruption. I guess then only there can be a clean India..

    GautamS Brahma: Thanx alot for the motivating comment. Absolutely, we have to build a decent life for ourselves and the future generations. We are indians, and India is ours. Jai Bharat.
    P.s. Loved your clicks alot :)

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