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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Post your Views!

Here, I am sharing some of the popular one liners i have heard or created on Facebook, after looking at the government's handicap!

1. Why Sonia aunty went to US for her treatment, when her government has raised special doctors under reserved quota scheme and are dying to pay back the great favor on them...

Before entering in a library or attending a conference please keep your phone on 'manmohan singh mode'...

3. I miss those days when I used to type Anna and google suggested Kornikova :(

4. MSD - 'We are not winning another Test till the JLP bil is passed - as a tribute to Anna Hazare'.' Now we know! (Also tweeted by Anupam Kher)
5. Ghar mai 4 din aurat na ho to ghar ka haal kaisa ho jata hai, yeh to koi congress se pooche ... (the latest one)

and there are infinite.....
Q: Is our present PM, the weakest link till now and government one of the most unpopular one?

P.S. If you have any views on the same, feel free to Post here!


  1. Excellent. I like Manmohan singh mode and ghar mai 4 din aurat na ho to...

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  4. Hariharan ji: ThanQ so much for dropping by. Even i couldn’t stop laughing after reading it.

    Hey prit,
    Thanks for ur valuable comments. First of all Mr. Manmohan singh is not the elected PM. He is the one who is dragged into the position by Ms. Sonia G! He may be good in his work, but he is for sure a weak link! He could have easily denied this position rather than becoming puppet and dancing to the tunes of his political party! At position where he is standing today, he is responsible and accountable for all the deeds and decisions and corruption that took place under his so called ‘reign’.
    There can be better ways of fighting. If he wasn’t there atleast the mummy g of congress (Sonia Gandhi) would be held liable for her actions. Sonia played her cards very cleverly by not accepting the PM position!
    I don’t blame our PM much, but he is even on the other hand not worthy of applause!
    Apart from democracy, the system is weak. People are corrupt because they get chance to be corrupt. A metal corrodes in specific given conditions. And hence here such conditions are facilitating corruption or weak governance. And again, i don’t actually curse congress only. Every damn political party is corrupt! Did u c how BJP took back it's support! No one can stand straight with pride! every time they or even we get opportunity, we make use of it! Isn’t it?

    When a king corrupt, the whole regiment, will be corrupt, and there will be no watch on anyone! A common man will have to pay for all!

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  7. Yes all are collected but u c people voted for Sonia G not manmohan ji!

    Phew! A long blog or a comment.. But a healthy discussion, (wtv long) is always invited!
    Yepp, when u are alone, u actually can’t think of getting in danger unless and until there are others to support . And Behind the infinite scams, there may be a philosophy of “if them, why not me”

    Even I appreciated anna's decision of not fighting election, else his Anshan would be charged as a publicity stunt for getting into politics. Moreover we need a strong valued system where there is lesser probability of corruption in long run. (i can’t say there will be zero corruption) as one will always tempted to take advantage of his ‘position’.
    I totally agree with u that there is nothing common that binds people except nationality, and even on the grounds of nationality no one is united unless and until a world war approaches!
    And moreover there are more problems when the person follows a religion rigidly, (the way muslim sects refused to say “vande mataram” (watched in news), and muslim leaders trying to manipulate the current opportunity) but still i feel the youngsters act far more sensibly and value humanity over such petty things. Still the Bottom line is “WE are NOT UNITED” (can’t agree more, u are right).

    The accountability in democracy, i feel is of the person holding the highest post, or the whole party shares the loot and the blame. It doesn’t affect them, till the time their pockets are full.

    As i made a point in the comment section of my lastest post, certain people are clever, and bypass the system as they know if they indulge into any scam, they’ll just have to pay the penalty and a few years imprisonment. But they don’t have to pay back the whole (grabbed) amount. And people will forget after a time!

    To put a pressure, to make it a mass movement, Anshan was necessary to make a haste! Else the change would have taken place in another 10-20 years. U can c, if there wasn’t a sword hanging on the head of govt like anna’s they would have never bend, the urgency came after the 7th day of fast!! the 4.5 months before were lost carelessly without any discussion...

    Again life is diff for diff people. Some live it in an idealistic way, some carelessly and politicians corruptly :P
    I Don’t know if this change will happen, it will only be visible after 5 or 10 or may be 15 years, but the revolution was necessary!

    P.s. Lets wait for news reporters to get a bit jobless to uncover why Sonia G went to US :P

  8. she went to US, because she is suffering from pancreas tumor, and India's GI surgery father himself suggested her that she should go to US (world's best cancer hospital). So the good part is, she might die in another 1-2 years span.

    The biggest irony here in India is, everybody knows everything, but no body will never do anything about everything.

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  11. @not worth- agar wo nai mari, to...

  12. Pancreatic cancer... cd it be genetic =| or at least communicable, if only!!(dreamy)

  13. I don't actually think this way. I'm glad the way Manmohan Singh is, and I'm proud that he's our PM.
    See, Manmohan Singh is an economist, he knows his work. He isn't a politician, who is out-spoken or always ready for distributing fake promises. He basically focuses on his work, usually which is behin-the-curtain, which people mis-understand him to be inactive. Sonia Gandhi, is actually a politician. After UPA won the elections, Sushma Swaraj told that she'll leave the country if Sonia Gandhi (of Foreign Descent) becomes PM. So, Manmohan Singh was made the PM. Now, since he was a economist, and had little knowledge of politics, what's wrong in taking help from your party's leader? I don't understand why people make a fuss out of this. There is no big deal.

    1. Ritvik, there is no wrong in taking the help from your somebody from your party. But when u own a position, you are answerable for the responsibilities you have taken! Aka PM, never gives his version of things. Democracy is for the people, and when u work for the people and when people have elected you for a position, you ought to clear their doubts than to maintain a silence. There were loads of corruption news where congress was involved, being the PM and party leader, he should have taken appropriate steps or should have given atleast some speech. His silence clearly said, he is just a plain economist, not worthy of a ruling seat!!! Whats ur take on it?

    2. Surely he is answerable to every single person of the country.
      I personally feel is a honest man, but is suppressed by the people of his party and the coalition government. The best thing for him to do was to stay silent, that's what everyone would do. He has addressed this issue to some extent, though not openly, I mean who would do that. Even if he would have wished to do so, the fellow party people wouldn't have allowed him to. He really wants to take good reforms so that we can actually achieve the 2020 goal, but he is being restricted.
      One cannot call him "un-worthy" for the post of PM, simply because he is an Introvert and not outspoken. He addresses to the people of the country, though in a more formal way, which is necessary as he is the PM. There are a lot more factors to consider than just "interaction".
      This is the problem with the coalition government, People cannot achieve their clear goals, and the decision making time extends. This is probably one of the reason that India is taking so much time to progress. So many views, make a fuss.
      I even made a post on why sometime a Autocracy is better than Democracy. Though I wrote that long back, and I wasn't that good, but maybe you'll be interested in having a look.


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