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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Our Fights-II

Read the First Part Here: Our Fights-I

He must be hungry. I am worried. Today I didn’t serve him any breakfast. And its 1 P.M. now! Saturday feels wasted. The weekend for which we both look forward to all the week, is being wasted on this stupid fight.

I went to the kitchen- Prepared food- Served it in a plate. Now what? Do I have to go and give it to him? Should I say anything? I was confused and reluctant, but on the other hand feeling bad. I know he has not taken anything except a glass of milk since morning. I went to him and rudely put the plate before him and when I was about to leave, he grabbed my hand and said “Are we not Talking?”

Is this the only thing, he could think of after such a long silence. He knows I love talking to him, especially on weekends when we have so much to share. How fond I am of him and of our conversation. But anyway, I chose to stay silent. As if he doesn’t know that We Are Not Talking!!!

“How do you want me to apologise?”

Ya I have done my masters in getting apologies! Or is it him trying to hear “Sorry” from me first? Still I chose to not to speak.

“Will a simple sorry work? Or do I have to do anything else!”

Yay! on the top of the world! He is going to say sorry. I wish I had some crocodile tears for this moment. But never mind! I managed to hold back my smile!

“Sorry, I was just playing for fun all this week. You said we can never fight. So I thought let me try”

(He is so stupid. THIS IS So STUPID! I don’t know why I want to adore him. But anyway this is really stupid.)

I was standing expressionless. He tried further, “I will do whatever you want me to do, to make it up to you. It was all a joke, seriously!”

I was thoughtful, still looking at him. For some moments silence accompanied us both and then...

“Tomorrow you will take me for a long ride. And after that we’ll spend our afternoon at momma’s home. And then I want you to organize a romantic candle light dinner on our terrace with soft music in the background. You will prepare it.” I replied. “And I want to eat chocolate walnut cake baked by you.”

He was shocked and perplexed, staring at me!

(I’ve always wanted the man I love to surprise me in this fashion desperately. Finally the day has come. Although it wouldn’t be a surprise now, but I will never get a better chance to make it come true.)

I was smiling and after a few moments he was too. I hugged him tight. I missed him whole week. This fight has brought us closer to each other. Now I was enjoying the week that had passed fighting, cribbing and getting confused. Tomorrow is my day or rather our day!!!


  1. I loved this one...
    the expressions just fit in.. was waitin for part 2.... loved tht yay moment :D

  2. So, you get more than a sorry...BTW what a demand...Lovely post, I have a smile on my face. :)

  3. Is this really your imagination? phewww.....
    God please save man-kind

  4. supreet: I feel so elevated and contented to see that you loved this post so much.. :) I, ofcourse, will have you in mind whenever i'll publish any such story in Future :)

    Shine: I am so happy and your thumbs up to this post has made it a "yay" moment for me :D ;)

    Saru: Yepp, the female protagonist got her dues.(its a fictional narration). I am really Glad u like it.. Hope to give you more smiles in near future.. :)

    Anonymous haha Good one :P (you could post this one without the 'Anonymous' Tag :P)

  5. Anonymous is a good name.

    Minor variation
    He was angry. I am worried. Today I didn’t serve him any breakfast.

    But I didn’t know that he already planned his lunch with his friends without even informing me. ;)

  6. If this variation will come, the story and their patch up will take some other turn.
    As here,
    1. He was deliberately trying to fight.
    2. If he plans lunch, she won't make any further move in the starting for sure but the guy will. Also the pattern of their conversation will change :-)

    When i wrote it, i though about this angle as well, but then i guess this is something usual and about a couple who actually care n love each other..

    Thanx for coming up with a good suggestion. :-D

  7. Would love to see similar conversation between Sonia Gandhi and Anna Hazare :P

  8. sweet :)) following u now.

    feel free to visit mine.

  9. Anonymous: I guess such conversation would be unfair to my space. I would like to keep it simple and deep or else with a healthy random humour :)

    Hanie Vessa: :) ThanQ. Keep visiting. :)

  10. Not bad!!!:-) It's good enough to make me keep wanting to come back for more...:-)

  11. nice end. A happy ending :) Liked the wishes of a lady (or yours ;)) You are quite good at it.
    Why you have stopped writing it ?
    Think of restarting it again. :)

    1. Yes. I can put forward my demands at least in fictions that i create. lol
      I have been waiting for a plot for next fiction to strike my head. Soon i'll come up with something nice :)


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