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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Deepawali

Wishing everyone a happy Belated Deepawali.
I am a freak when it comes to celebrations. And being an Indian the feasts and festivals never end. So from cleaning home, to decorating entrance and small corners with marigold garlands, diyas, loads of lighting and making Rangoli was all a wonderful part of deepawali celebrations. Also meeting relatives, friends, gifts and some more laughs made everything merrier. This time, I was extra-Happy with the rangoli that I made with the help of my Sister and Brother (Blowing my own Trumpet). But in reality it was far better than the previous ones! I am sharing below its picture.

P.S. Thanx Shine for reminding about deepawali update here.

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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Our love

A beautiful path of roses
with some forgotten thorns inside,
I enjoy this tingling feeling,
and the soft delighful cries...

Friday, October 14, 2011

On the day of our marriage...

When I was coming to thee
You were holding a mirror in your hands
And looking at me
We thought we were alike
Blinded by the mirror and it's pretentious side
There was no exchange of thoughts
Hence no progress was ever sought
Whenever we truely met
Planted strange fears
in each other's heads

On the day of our marriage
I came to give us one last chance
yet the memories from past
began their haunted dance
the realization was stark,
it had never been this strong
choking emptiness now reduced to tears,
residing in depths for long

you came to me with that thing
to put on my finger
t'was the golden ring

I heard a triumphant cry
of a soul that only sighed
till now, wept in silence
released from cluthces of lie

And so I withdrew my hand
since we were not meant
to be, I knew
Together in our blues

so when you came forward for a kiss
I planted one on your cheek
for it was a goodbye that I wished...
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