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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Our love

A beautiful path of roses
with some forgotten thorns inside,
I enjoy this tingling feeling,
and the soft delighful cries...


  1. A different perspective of the age old relation between rose, thorns and love..!
    I liked it!

  2. hi dearie...

    as i have already said, anything from you is always loved and welcome...but just take seems like...the text connotes sadistic pleasure....

    that also seems like narcissism, from another angle.....well i wouldn't deduce much......

    people say such things..

    but it is all very everything you write..

    keep writing...

    take care..


  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. KP I am glad you liked it :)

    Prit : Hehe ya it looks like a bit of masochism i guess. :P But somewhere i feel if thr's a lil suffering one attains more depth in love and enjoys it as well...
    Isn't it??
    If thr is zero suffering, you can't measure the intensity of feelings, and they seem shallow.

    If there is only suffering on the other hand and still a person is enjoying it, it denotes sadistic pleasure, which is not food for human soul, as people after a point tend to lose faith.

    ThanQ for a nice comment :)
    I always end up having a nice discussion with you here, it makes the effort worth.

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  6. A very fine piece. I think I haven't read something so beautiful from a long long time!

  7. lovely lines :)


  8. I say sadism and, and i dint use the word masochism


    sometimes, you try to delude you and others also, your inherent sensitivity and your general goodness doesnt allow you to hurt others, so you take yourself instead and punish yourself, but one should not punish his own self also, but it is so un-preventable at times, and you are not incharge.......whatever just happens..

    but we just gotta get aware of the things that happen to us, in us, and grow knowing different phases of life....

    but the thing always come out as a beautiful expression, beautiful writing.....

    no wonder you are a piscean....see this site,, gud one, people discuss various subtle differences here, worth a look....

    n i like talking and discussing and reading things on your blog, these seem to be the only meaningful things around...


  9. Saru

    ThanQ so much. I have been reading beautiful poetry on your blog ever since i have joined you :)
    These words of appreciation are really motivating :)


    ThanQ so Much.

    I Agree with you.

    Ya being pisceans, i guess fishes are more in resolving mysteries, finding patters, try to learn something which doesn't seem obvious. So i have seen almost all fishes swimming in astrology :D I will definetly read it! :)

    Thanks for appreciating, it feels wonderful when somebody reads you and discusses the things thereafter. It shows we are not only pouring out our thoughts but learning from the reactions and other's views!

    P.s. Sorry for such a delay in response, as i was busy with the festival. :)

    Happy belated Deepawali to all!

  10. well, pisceans certainly are not fools, we can vouch for that...haha...

    more on astrology, read the book by osho, he explains the whole edifice, in full, and as he explains, it seems like a science, credible, understandable, tangible science...

    he himself was a capricorn, as per records....

    n one more you read palms..

  11. hehe ofcourse! how can i say that while sailing in the same boat! :P
    but i dont believe in astrology much, as it makes u blind sometimes. U just live in the world of depictions and predictions. I just enjoy it more till the time of unvieling some mysteries!
    Ofcourse Indian Astrology has so many calculations and predictions based on date, time and place of birth relating it to the position of moon (which is not stationary). i find it more exciting better than sun signs(seems personalized to me).

    I dont read palms, but i show my palms to others to read. :P

  12. its a good tool for guys, how else can they take the hand of the gal in their hand in the very first meeting and look in to her eyes and say beautiful things..........i have done that a couple of times...just gathered little knowledge frm books, with some practical palm reading from my friends and relatives......

    its really good...i can read yours.....:)

    well on a serious note, predictions are more general, they connote a prospect, which further depend on many things, but the subtle noticeable differences in behaviour, and some striking similarities in behaviour of ppl can be attributed to sunsigns, that is my observation....

    even then you have, sun in pisces, moon which affects a person differently, venus...and blah there is nothing like a hardcore piscean...or capri....but some inferences can be made about a person from we don't have much information about the other person...and most of it usually come out correct...because it is based on empathy....

    like your posts are mostly sensitive(sometimes overly), about love, about have sun in pisces.......i dont like predictions about money, a certain thing happening....i believe it is more people oriented........

    and you can search people by sunsign on blogger, you can observe differences online on blogs, you must be knowing that, you have done a course in multimedia from maac.......

  13. beautiful...liked it...I enjoy this tingling feeling,
    and the soft delighful cries... wow!amazing!

  14. Funny ..I wrote something simillar in college . very uncanny .

    1. :) I would love to read it Prashant! Your write ups are quite interesting :)

  15. Though old one but one of the best Haikus I read in recent times!!!
    Kudos to you Shesha!!


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