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Sunday, November 27, 2011


मैं हर बार भुलाया गया
पर भूला गया
सागर के समक्ष पड़ी
रेत कि भांति
मिटाया गया
पर मिट सका
तुम्हारे कल में सूखी पत्ती सा
आज में फिर हरा हुआ
मुझसे दूरी बनाकर
तुम दूर हुए
मुझे पास बुलाकर भी
साथ न चले
मैं वो समय हूँ
जो पलभर में बीता है
हर कल आज और कल में
तुम्हारे भीतर ही जीता है..


  1. supremacy of time, above all...but if you see more closely, are we so helpless at the hands of time, is there anything that doesn't change, is sort of a permanent, more permanent, like they say love, but it changes as we know, just some lines demonstrating this....

    नियत-ऐ-शौक भर न जाए कहीं
    तू भी दिल से उतर न जाए कहीं
    आज देखा है तुझे बड़ी देर के बाद
    आज का दिन गुज़र न जाए कहीं

    lovely lines

  2. khawab wah dekha jise dikhaya na gaya,
    kiya wahi jo kabhie bataya na gaya, kuch alag karne ki chah mein itne magrur nikal gaye,
    dur hue apno se ki phir milaya na gaya!!

  3. Profound...You molded the words like hourglass...

  4. Anonymous
    Ofcourse time is the power and time is the destiny! time gives pain and then only time heals it! so when everything is temporary, time is permanent as u have said here!

    The lines you have shared here are lovely.. Really Beautiful... its by whom????

    Rahul Bhatia ThanQ so much :)

    Piyush Beautifully expressed! You write well :)

    Saru :) ThanQ so much. Glad u like it :)

  5. wats in a name.....

    ok, its by a pakistani poet, well these line are at the end of the song in coke studio, vol 1, song - AAJ JANE KI ZIDD NA KARO..that even is very beautiful....

    shesha, is there any possibility of love existent in today's time, please share your views on this, and i am asking you because, i have been reading your views of late, on various things, and they are good...(googling this thing brings out crap, your view matters, so please help with this...thanks)

    and these lines are by nasir kazmi, a pakistani lyricist,

    more like..

    Aao kuch deir ro hi lain Nasir, phir ye khumar utar na jae kahin

    Niyat e shauq bhar na jae kahin, tu bhi dil se utar na jae kahin

  6. हर खोया सपना मीठा और हर पाया फीका होता है , जीवन पर्यंत दुखी रहने का येही तरीका होता है

    :) Good post

  7. Anonymous Yeah I have heard that Ghazal, "Aaj jaane ki zidd na karo". Its beautiful. :)

    About your question, I guess i can answer it here!
    Lets take three cases, Love, Hatred and indifference! Love is something that keeps you alive, for instance, no love means no faith in others and in life. A person who doesnt get/give love lives in insecurity and isolation, minus sense of belongingness.

    Absolute hatrad brings war, conflicts, mental turmoil, deaths. While love brings in faith, peace, understanding, satisfaction, a feeling of becoming whole. And a person who is indifferent is like a dummy, which is not possible, although it may be a short phase in one's life!

    So I firmly feel that Love exists in today's time and will always exist. If it wasn't the case, there won't be peace, would have been a complete chaos, all war, and just dead men!

    Now comming to what u actually wanted me to answer.(i guess).
    Sometimes you have to wait for long to get the right person, some people get "the one" in their early lives. For me, i feel one values a treasure after some failures, so if its taking time, the long term impact will be better and you may value it more than others. In Hindi there is a phase "सहज पके सो मीठा होए". So never stop believing in what you want. :)

    P.s. I have heard those lines written by Nasir .
    I hope i was able to answer your question finely. That was my perspective of looking at it.

  8. Prashant
    wow! its very true! and vice-versa for somebody who wants to live-"happily". Isn't it! (to be true, thats how i live) :)
    ThanQ so much for dropping by and appreciating the post!

  9. yes ur guess is right....

    thanks i feel some doubts have been cleared by what you said...but some measly questions still keep jumping in, for the spotlight of my mind, may be they are just the shadow of doubt, and you are fine gal, you answer fine...

    ok if u have heard those lines by Nasir, wat else have you heard, pls share...

    i visit your blog everyday, nice blog...

  10. Anonymous Samay is what we all need.
    I can recollect lines when i hear them. So I don't actually remember anything else by Nasir at the moment!

    Last thing i read was by Faiz Ahmed FaiZ..

    vo log bahut khushqismat the
    jo ishq ko kaam samajhte the
    ya kaam se ashiqi karte the
    hum jeete ji masruf rahe
    kuch ishq kiya kuch kaam kiya


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