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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Strange patriotic Indians!

In India winters are the season for loads of marriages, the year ends or starts with loads of oaths and promises for future, grand celebrations with flood of glitter and glamour. The other day I was curiously discussing about a strange thing with my dad that many of us must have noticed or thought about.

Me: Papa, why do they play all kinds of strange patriotic songs in Baraat (Marriage procession) when the groom is sitting on Ghodi(mare)?

My father had a big smile on his face!

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I continued, “Isn’t it strange, they play songs like ‘ye desh hai veer jawaano ka, albelo ka mastano ka’, or ‘mere desh ki dharti sona ugle, ugle heere moti’. Is the Guy going on a war front or he has a future like that of a martyr?”

Now my father was laughing, he added, “ Kar Chale hum fida, jaano tan sathiyon, Ab tumhare hawale watan sathiyo.” Further describing the relevance of these words, “The guy has no more to offer to the world, leaving all duties and responsibilities on his friends. In Short, one becomes futile.”

I was amazed, “ And what about girls?”
He was smiling; I guess I knew the answer.
We are encouraged to Rule The One!!!


  1. haha kya kya likhti rehti hain! funny :D

  2. well known truth.. Guys hav eto leave all the ash and masti of bachelor hood.. and gals get one permanenet body to continuously blabber and crib to...
    poor us...

  3. some years back...

    i read one short poem by some one, don't know the exact words...but it was titled...


    in punjabi it is called, KABEELDARI, the one who is wholly devoted to the in-laws and tens of other relatives, and myriad dealings with them, and all of whose time goes in that, and he has no time of his own...

    don't know about girls, but they surely have great influence in domesticating the wild beast...

    lovely as always

    (i always write lovely, and now i thought it may look awkward to you On reading, so i opened up the dictionary, and one of its meaning is VERY GOOD AND HIGHLY ENJOYABLE...)


  4. LOL...The choice is really weird in reference to the occasion. Nicely written:)

  5. LOL...The choice is really weird in reference to the occasion. Nicely written:)

  6. Aankit Gupta.... :P Ditto for females, guys get permanent body to crib about!!! :P :P

    Prit... ThanQ :)

    Saru lol! i really wonder "why" :D :D

  7. I may be the only one to defend this... but cant help it :)
    Patriotic songs serve following purposes:
    1. It acts as red-bull for enthu-starved baratiis.
    2. It helps uncles and grand-uncles shed their inhibitions and shy skin, people who cant dance to d tunes of,"shake it saiyaa" !!
    3. It seamlessly welds with the Indian-origin cultural heritage rare dance genre,"barati-style". So, I think its not ill-logical, its rather dil-logical !!

  8. hahahaha... you should have been in army serving the country and those patriotic baratis :P nice reasons btw! :D

  9. Well i think they are trying to admire groom's courage...when they say yehh desh hain veer jawaano kaa jo shaadi karne kii himmat kar rahe hain..

  10. Chasing Mirages: hahaha.. Indeed..

    Rajendra Raikwar: ThanQ!


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