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Monday, January 9, 2012

बूढा वक़्त

एक बूढा वक़्त
रस्ते में
सर्दी की  चादर ओढ़े हुए
गुज़ारता है एक और रात।

कालेपन से ढाका
ठण्ड से झुलसता
बूढी हड्डियों में दर्द छुपाकर
दांतों की टकराहट के शोर में
दो अधमूंदी आँखों से
अँधेरे को चीरता है
और खुद में कुछ और सिकुड़ता है
जैसे एक माँ के भीतर
एक शिशु सिमटा हुआ है।

हर रात
एक गुज़रा वक़्त
वापस आता है
और खुद-ब-खुद
गुज़र जाता है।

फिर एक सुबह
सूरज की किरणों से
चमकती हुई देह पर
एक शान्ति दिखती है
शिशु की ही तरह
वह अब भी
सोया हुआ है
धरती की गोद में
आराम से
चैन से
सुकून से
गुज़रे हुए एक ऐसे पल के साथ
जो अब
कभी वापस न लौटेगा॥


  1. Very nicely written.....your poem has a deep meaning and an unsaid painful truth, which is waiting to get uncovered.

    Good Job, I am in love with your poems...keep up the good work :)

  2. Impressive...another masterclass from you Shesha!

  3. कपकपाती शीत थी और एक मनुष्य सो गया ,
    उससे न किसको प्रीत थी ,वो चेतना को खो गया ,
    तुमने लिखी ये पंक्तियाँ , और मैंने सराहा उन्हें ,
    अपनी संवेदना पे , इतरा रहे दोनों जने ,
    विसर्जन जीवन ज्योति का , सृजन हमारा बन गया
    जो सिकुड़ रहा था रात भर , देखो दिन चढ़े वो कैसे तन गया .

  4. Bahut hi maarmik rachna hai..
    Dard ka bayaan bakhubhi karti hui..


    kabhi samay mile to mere blog par bhi padhaariyega..

  5. Profound work Shesha...Painfully beautiful

  6. Bohot bohot acchi kavita hai, my fav lines- All of Them :)
    bt esp-

    और खुद में कुछ और सिकुड़ता है
    जैसे एक माँ के भीतर
    एक शिशु सिमटा हुआ है।

  7. Very Nicely written..your stories and poems bring tears in my eyes....

  8. there is an open-ness about you that is reflected in your blog, fraility and an innocence, a purity....your blog has come out to be synonymous with all that is good....

    and what made you write is beautiful, but who/what invoked you to write this...

  9. Anonymous 1,2: ThanQ so much for liking my work. ur comment is motivating!

    Prashant: Beautiful....

    Aditya: Dhanyawaad! :)

    Saru: ThanQ so much. it is always motivating to hear frm you.

    Rochana: ThanQ so much. Thanks for sharing your favourite lines.

    Anonymous 3: This is really touching. I am glad my writings/thoughts connect to you.

    Anonymous4: Your comment is inspiring to unfold some more sides of my thoughts.
    Sometimes you sit by yourself and think, feel and empathize with what you see and observe around in outside world... It was a contemplation about life on streets that made me write this.

    P.s. to all anonymous comments: I respect your anonymity! It will be helpful for me, if u could leave ur initials or smthing after the comments, to distinguish yourself from others. It wud be really helpful for me to connect with my readers and for future conversation. Thanks for dropping by!

  10. Awesome work with gr88 simplicity...

  11. the author is not important...the thing that has been said is more important.....

    beauty is eternity gazing in to the mirror at itself, sometimes its just the empathy and sensitivity that such heart-rending things bring to you, in that sense it is beautiful...

    but it is not beautiful to be poor, to be wretched, to be down and out, but these lines have a deeper meaning, they talk of humble-ness...of emapthy...shared sensitivities...

    good blog...

    actually i dont have an blogger id, thats why anonymous


  12. Hemant: thanQ:-)

    Prit: ya author is not so important but the words are. And then a time comes when both become synonyms of each other. You start understanding the thoughts and mind coming from a particular person. So a goodwill or say an understanding develops between the reader and the author.
    Being marginalized or poor is certainly not a beauty but an effort of contemplation on how a time on streets passes by brought these words to me. We all see that.... So i guess most of us can connect to the feelings portrayed here.

    P.s. Its fine if u are posting under anonymous, leave ur initials thereafter as u always do. Readers are really important, u know that people who read u before are still reading you. U develop a bond with them.:-)

  13. amazing beet gaya wohhi waqt hain..
    really good usage of words..
    keep up the good work...

  14. i dont believe there exist such thugs as him who do not even mention their name........

  15. i am going forgetful ...please excuse that....

    but i dont forget to check your blog...:-)


  16. Hi Shesha,

    First things first, I totally love your name :)
    And second this piece of writing literally brought your thoughts alive in my mind :)
    You are a beautiful writer :)

  17. Seяendipity
    Hi, welcome to the blog. I am glad you love my name, would pass on the compliment to my dad who gave it to me. :)
    Thankyou so much for liking my work. Its a very warm compliment, made my day. :)

  18. Wow! the way you drew the reality of a poor old man with such a depth..amazing! After reading the climax of the poem I took 5 seccond to realize the old man had died..shocking ending..wonderfully expressed.

    Hi first time here came from Saru blog...I liked your space:)

  19. Thankyou so much for appreciating Mithlash
    welcome to the space...

  20. Replies
    1. Thankyou so much Adhi Das. Ya, i guess God loves me:-)


Thankyou for your feedback :)

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