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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy New Year

A little late for 2012 wishes, but here they are- Happy New year to all my blogger mates and visitors! Hope this year brings loads of happiness, love, laughter, merrier memories in everybody's life...
So like before, I really want to play my rewind tape for 2011.....

Fast past preview:

Previous year upto expectations was the year of completion of taken up tasks, travelling and progress. My tours to places like Kashmir, various cities of Gujarat and Diu were exciting. Meeting different people, scoffing on different cuisines and living in different flavours was a fulfilling experience.
Hence unlike 2010, this year went in peace, love, harmony, beauty, laughter, songs of joys and some more poetry and fictions for this blog and for my personal diary, and encouragement from fellow bloggers and readers. Thank you so much!
Whereas 2010 was about Rajnikant Jokes, Past year was all about Anna Hazare Moment.
A good news: my cousin brother, one of my closest pals, got engaged. I wish him all the happiness and loads of romantic moments for his future life with his soon to be wife :)

Also I got a lovely friend this year, I wish her all the best for everything she wants.

Zero! I am happy and glad past year was beautiful and peaceful. Touch wood!!!

Expectations this year:
I guess growth and some more memories to cherish are always expected. And a few people like me who are confused regarding astrological predictions, would wait to see how great was Nostradamus.. :P
Anyway I am not expecting a doomsday this year!!!

I feel this year will bring more to travel. Looking forward to my cousin's marriage at present. :)

A Very Happy New Year Once Again!

Lets fly ahead,
leaving memories behind
Golden or dark
searching afresh for newer lifelines...


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