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Monday, February 6, 2012

To Smokers with Love...


  1. yesterday..

    When I asked some one why does he smoke so much, i said dude, it will kill you?

    He seemed stunned and said, even babaji recommends it as a way to keep hale and hearty....

    U c anuloam-vilom....

    He told me its just a pranayama with a different kind of air, and he is experimenting with a different form of it....

    nice graphics..


  2. Nice.. any idea who designed them ?

  3. Anonymous1: Thanks

    Anonymous2 :smokers will give all the weird reasons in the world for the motion of their habbits and acts. lol
    Problem is they make others do that yoga as well...

    Raja Who designed ciggerates? I dont know, but surely he who designed them is their God :P

  4. oh noo.. not cigarettes.. I mean those posters.. they are creative :)

    1. Thanks. I designed it for my blog. Images are the courtesy from google.
      I never copy paste things with my blog's watermark on it. :-)

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  7. Prit: Seems like u enjoy fagging!
    A person can do whatever he wants to do with his life, even suicide for that matter. But choking others and making others inhale that fume, when they are not interested is what this poster conveys. You want to travel by Air conditioned cars to avaoid that air pollution and wud not mind putting your nose before that "CHIMNEY MOUTH" thats the irony!

    About ur other remarks on advantages of smoking, another post is soon to come!

    By Mentioning maac here for the second time, are u asking me to confirm it or u are telling me that u know it? And it will be interesting to know what i did before and after maac from you!!!

    P.S. I was fed up with anonymous comments, seemed like spams here, so i just removed that option! rest i guess anybody can comment!

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  10. Prit: Well to be true my whole interest in blogging is inspired by my age old habbit of contemplating and introspecting. The other skills i learnt, help me in presenting myself in a better way.
    For smoking, i feel people think its better to die for their pain or worries rather than living and fighting back for others and themselves. Those are the weak things in them.
    P.s. Since you have no other option now but to post from your own ID, you are exempted to write ur initials. :P
    Thanks for the compliment :) I may bring a difference to somebody’s life for better i hope through this blog! I hope!!!

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