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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The day I grew an year older..

One more year to my existence!  As always I was super excited for the day. For some reason, each birthday seems better than the last year and 4th March 2012 was no exception.  Since it was a Sunday – a golden opportunity to celebrate it with my close friends, the party was held at home. Thanks to all of them for making the day so special for me. We played toddler games like Cat Mumma, Bingo (which involves calling consecutive numbers and substituting multiples of 5 by the word ‘Bingo’)  playing cards, blowing b’day whistles, wearing funny masks and joking around with each other. My parents gifted me an SLR camera which was in my wish list since last year. The sudden appearance of my very dear cousin and one of the closest friends Puneet Bhaiya with his newly wed wife(living in Pune) was the surprise of the day, which left me overwhelmed with tears of joy.
The whole affair was beautifully managed by my younger sister Rochana along with a very dear friend Ashima. My brother took charge of the camera, and I was saved from every responsibility and enjoyed the day at full throttle. The day was packed with entertainment- hopping around, chirping for infinite hours, giggling, laughing, and what not. I love you all for making it so warm, special, beautiful and one of the best birthdays I have ever had.
I loved the sumptuous honey-almond cake!

P.s. Wishing everyone a very happy Holi.
[I loved this image alot, found it on Shine's wall. :)]
P.P.S. Sharing this post with a hope that you would never miss a chance to celebrate your day in a special way. 


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