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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Is a Green Leaf actually Green?

Few days ago, Hemant, a fellow blogger, threw a random question at me. I dont know how relevant or irrelevant our discussion was, but he insisted that I should register that discussion on my blog and see how others feel about this. So here it is:
Hemant: What is the color of the leaf?
me: Which leaf?
  leaf of which particular tree?
  New leaf or old one? (I wanted to be sure of the question thrown at me all of a sudden)
Hemant: New
  common leaf!
me: New...light-green most of the times
  Maple leaf is red I guess
Hemant: And why does it look like green?
 me: Chlorophyll!
Hemant: You are still far from the concept
me: Okkay.. There is one more answer to it!
me: It absorbs all the colors and reflects back green.
Is this the answer you wanted?
Hemant: Yes
I need the latter one!
 Hemant: So does that mean that it is of all the colors but green ;-)
 me: Hahaha wow.. Probably!!!
 Hemant: This is only my interpretation
 me: So when we see no color in dark
 Does that mean dark is colorful?
And colorful is dark?
And Rainbow is colorless?
 Hemant: You got it right
Hope I'm not boring you with my theory
 me:   Naah.. U are giving my brain some excercise!
 When I absorb negativity and reflect back positivity does that mean I am negative? (I had no other example to understand the subject we started discussion on!)
Hemant: That means you are too positive to absorb negativity
  Let me correct my statement
 me: Sorry?
 Hemant: You are so positive that u can absorb negativity.
me: Yaa.. It means I destroy negativity when I absorb it.. So does that mean leaf destroys all other colors by absorbing them... And its green?
 Hemant: And that's the reason why all the leaders are gr8 absorbers of negativity
   And that's what we see...
me: Stay on leaf thing!
What we reflect is how we are, something which we can't destroy.
 Hemant: It doesn't mean that u have to destroy the negativity after absorbing it
 me: We use it
  If I am negative I'll reflect it..
If I am not I'll absorb it.
Hemant: Wow
  See we have come ur with a theory now
 me: Hahaha.. Am i making any sense?
Hemant: Why don't u write a post
  On it
  Trust me
  U will enjoy...

P.S. : After confirming things from google I found "we see green leaves or grass as being green because leaves and grass (and other green plants) use Chlorophyll to change light into energy."

Likewise Tomatoes appear to be Red because when ripe, tomatoes contain a carotenoid known as "Lycopene".
Lycopene is a bright red carotenoid pigment, a phytochemical found not only in tomatoes but also other red fruits. Lycopene absorbs most of the visible light spectrum, and being red in colour, it reflects mainly red back to the viewer, thus a ripe tomato appears to be Red...
P.P.S. : Hemant's thought was pretty convincing as when we absorb all the colors then we should be colorful. And reflecting back a certain color may imply that we are not taking that color and rather dumping it out..

Am i confusing you? 


  1. Good one....der se aaya..but sahi aaya...I told you that only you can justify the post...

    You gave a meaning to our conversation :)

  2. Hahaha! Thanks. I hope its a balanced read! :)

  3. interesting conversation :)
    clever enough to turn as post :)

  4. Read a similar concept in 'The immortals of Meluha'. Nicely scripted conversation.. :)

  5. Thanks Neha. Since we were discussing things, and came to this conclusion we felt it wud be a nice read and will interest others as well :)
    Though I haven't read The immortals of Meluha'. But I think it wud be an interesting read!

  6. This is actually thought-provoking. I'm stunned the way it has come, and I cannot think of anything to say!


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