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Thursday, May 24, 2012


I was white
A colorless soul
when I was born
Some said new life is green
Time passed by
I glided along
Happenings happened
I had been painted on
Some painted me black

removed it with white
giving me grey

Some gave me red
saying love is blind
I went through blues
then I got lots of hues
Now they call me colorful
Who else could remain dull
Spreading the enchantment
I realized
Life is now complete
When before I was only a plain white...

Monday, May 14, 2012

Take ten on Why Facebook is a Great Invention:

So its a Mark Zuckerberg's Birthday today. Let me count some Tens on Why Facebook (fb) is a great invention!!!

1. You get connected to the people you want. (even those you don't want! :P) Good connectivity is what matters!!!
2. You no more forget any birthdays and special events... Especially of the wives and girlfriends. Life has become less challenging!
3. You don't need to worry about your spouses' or children's affairs. Out of the habit of status updates and photo tags you can trace them anywhere!!!
4. Photos updates give you an idea what is missing in you own life to make it more exciting. As they say it "An idea can change your life...."

5. House wives are no more cribbing about being idle... (P.S. who the hell are you, they are busier than thou) :P
6. It works better than any other online media. Spreading the word was never so easy. (Social causes)
7. Your home business has a good number of clients without much investments on pamphlets/layouts etc.
8. Your mates are your critics/ fans/ listeners/ supporters, when before no one bothered to know your daily updates, you are now encouraged to pursue your Interests!!!
9. Because of Facebook, you have found long lost friends, relations etc.
10. Now people who didn't know the technology, computers and Internet are well informed with the basics and want to be online to stay connected....

                                        Happy Birthday Mark!

P.S. If you have any more, add on! 

Thursday, May 10, 2012


बड़े शौक से जीती हूँ मैं
हर शौक को जीती हूँ मैं
मसलन, मुझे है
खाने का
खिलाने का
महमान-नवाजी करने का शौक,
हंसने का
सबको हंसाने का
और ख़ुशी से आपको रुलाने का शौक
कुछ वादे निभाने का
कुछ हंस के टाल जाने का शौक
बीते दर्द बयान करने का
कुछ खामखां लड़ने का शौक
सुनने का
सुनाने का
कहते कहते खिलखिलाने का शौक
मेल-जोल बढ़ाने का
हवाई गप्पे लड़ाने का शौक
रूठने का
और रूठे को मनाने का शौक
जब होते नहीं हैं यहाँ पर आप
मुझे है याद करने का
या कभी अपनी याद दिलाने का शौक

किस्म किस्म से जीती हूँ रोज़
हर तरह के पूरे करने को शौक
आपका शौक है काम करने का
मेरा काम है पूरे करने का शौक
जब होते हैं पूरे सारे ये शौक
मुझे है कुछ नए शौक जगाने का शौक.....

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Satyamev Jayate- Female foeticide!

Back in June, 2008, I wrote an article about rapid decline in female ratio: “Why more boys are being born to girls?”. That time, I studied much about the problem and thoroughly studied the cases, articles, statastics which were depressingly shocking.

Causes being:
1. Illiteracy
2. Traditional Mindset of people for male child.

Even the educated, wealthy and so called mordern mindset of urban people doesnt help them in offgaurding their desire for a male child. When today I saw Satyamev Jayate, everything from past that I studied about flashbacked before my eyes. I don’t know how this program will do. I don’t know how many of us who are into female foeticide will understand the problem and stop ourselves from murdering those upcoming lives. The case studies, which were presented were  heart-tearing stories. We have to spread awareness as much as we can, killing a life inside us is not the solution to our desires. How can we become anti-girl child after being born to women, being a woman, having women as our sisters/mothers/friends/wives/beloved in our lives. Nobody is God here to decide the fates of soon to be born lives on the basis of their gender.

We should not forget that if the parents of our mothers decided the same long time back, the devils and vampires like us, living on the blood of girls wouldn’t have been born!
A lady in the todays episode, living on the street  said a very beautiful thing, “We’ll accept the child(soon to be born) be it a son or a daughter, as a blessing from God irrespective of it’s gender.”

 I don’t need to present the same statestics, and studies which were presented in the program, I need to register my support for the cause. We don’t need any gender bais society, we just need children around us, who will giggle, laugh, play around, add beauty to the life and after growing up they’ll make this world more beautiful. Both blue and pink together add that bloom and charm to the world. Alone, its a monotony!  We can pledge, we will never promote such a bias in and around our lives, we will try to cure this sickness of minds!
I wish... “Satyamev Jayate!” 

Waiting to see what other 11 episodes will throw light upon...

Saturday, May 5, 2012


A day when we'll realize our dreams, do what we want to. A day when somebody in a dire need for money will win a lottery; a guy at a beer bar will get a free beer; someone will get back one's love; the couple who have been working day and night will pay off all their bills; a man who has been saving for the day will enjoy all his savings; a critically ill guy will get well. A day when system will change, life will change; a day when we will fulfill all our responsibilities and live a free, untangled life or as some say a day when we all will die .

Tomorrow is a day that no one has ever seen or been into, but we all fear, worry, plan, dream and live for it.
"...though Tomorrow never comes."

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Morning Walks-II

I Don't know the name of this insect! Hit it during morning walk in the park before my home!
Name it, if you know!!!

P.S.: Special thanks to Deepanshu, a buddy cum bro from the neighbourhood who added greenary & thus added beauty to the whole composition!!! :)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My first blogger Award...

Woah! I got my first award, "The Versatile Blogger Award" from the fellow blogger Ritvik- Casacio! Well Ritvik, thanks a ton for the award.

So here are the rules that I have to abide by after accepting the award:
1. Thank the person who nominated you.
2. Post a picture of the award on your blog.
3. Share 7 random thoughts about yourself.
4. Choose 7 bloggers to pass the award to.
5. Inform them about it.

Here is the picture of the award:

Loved the award Ritvik! Its pretty cool. ;) :)

7 random thoughts about me:

1. I Love to cook, it acts as a great stress buster for me.
2. I Love to travel a lot, and wish to keep exploring the new places throughout my life.
3. I talk a lot and think even more...
4. During my tours, I am not bothered about the rooms I will get, but the washrooms. I can live with bad rooms but washrooms are supposed to be good and beautiful!!!
5. Romantic comedies make my day.
6. I am not superstitious, but sometimes I enjoy acting like the one (eg. wearing a ring suggested by some astrologer :P)
7. I do believe in Karma, and God. :)

P.S.**sigh** there are loads of things that I could have shared about me, but rule of 7 stopped me!!! Next award will uncover some more things about me, so keep me awarded. Lol. :P

Okay now back to the next task.-
Choose 7 bloggers to pass the award to:

About versatility, I love the blogs of:
1. @ B LOG (blogs about random things.)
2. Shine @ Match The Speed of Light (jots down her take on various subjects)
3. Amitaag ji @ Safarnaamaa... सफ़रनामा...(he has wonderful poems on various subjects)
4. Gautam S brahma @ Photography & Designs (wonderful captures)
5. Hemant @ From the hearts...for the hearts...
6. Suchismita @ Kitchen Karma

7. There is yet another award that i would like to give to a fellow and wonderful blogger more than any other award:
Saru @ Words

I really enjoy your English Poetry a lot. You deserve a special place. :)
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