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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Satyamev Jayate- Female foeticide!

Back in June, 2008, I wrote an article about rapid decline in female ratio: “Why more boys are being born to girls?”. That time, I studied much about the problem and thoroughly studied the cases, articles, statastics which were depressingly shocking.

Causes being:
1. Illiteracy
2. Traditional Mindset of people for male child.

Even the educated, wealthy and so called mordern mindset of urban people doesnt help them in offgaurding their desire for a male child. When today I saw Satyamev Jayate, everything from past that I studied about flashbacked before my eyes. I don’t know how this program will do. I don’t know how many of us who are into female foeticide will understand the problem and stop ourselves from murdering those upcoming lives. The case studies, which were presented were  heart-tearing stories. We have to spread awareness as much as we can, killing a life inside us is not the solution to our desires. How can we become anti-girl child after being born to women, being a woman, having women as our sisters/mothers/friends/wives/beloved in our lives. Nobody is God here to decide the fates of soon to be born lives on the basis of their gender.

We should not forget that if the parents of our mothers decided the same long time back, the devils and vampires like us, living on the blood of girls wouldn’t have been born!
A lady in the todays episode, living on the street  said a very beautiful thing, “We’ll accept the child(soon to be born) be it a son or a daughter, as a blessing from God irrespective of it’s gender.”

 I don’t need to present the same statestics, and studies which were presented in the program, I need to register my support for the cause. We don’t need any gender bais society, we just need children around us, who will giggle, laugh, play around, add beauty to the life and after growing up they’ll make this world more beautiful. Both blue and pink together add that bloom and charm to the world. Alone, its a monotony!  We can pledge, we will never promote such a bias in and around our lives, we will try to cure this sickness of minds!
I wish... “Satyamev Jayate!” 

Waiting to see what other 11 episodes will throw light upon...


  1. Yes, we have to do something against these cruelties against girl children.
    And, 'Satyamev Jayate' is really a great move.

  2. It's horrible that doctors who promise to save lives are the ones who are killing gods beautiful gifts to human kind! How could someone even do such cruel heartless thing. Such inhumane people should be punished for their sins and also for ruining our society! Sir Mahatma Gandhi lead India to independence but unfortunately India still seeks freedom.

  3. This Sunday, the Hindi Cinema Blog enjoyed an hour and a half in the excellent company of Satyamev Jayate. We even penned a review for the first episode also relaying links to watch the full episode with English subtitles (at The star of the show however remains the issue of female foeticide, a reality that needs to be addressed. Urgently.

    1. True! I hope the upcoming series will throw light upon other problems and social evils prevailing in the society!

  4. hai Shesha :)
    just jumped to ur blog after viewing ur comment in hemant's blog:)
    worth for my jump :)
    nice review!hats off for this post! :)
    keep writing & smiling always :)

    1. Thanks a ton Sowmya. I presented my view on the issue. I am glad u liked it. :) thanks for dropping by!

  5. Yep..blogs have to lead to action--cannot simply hang as virtual words providing some occupation for the mind--it has to translate to action. Start something on the forum!

    1. Indeed! thanks for your suggestion! Which forum and how shall we start a thread?

  6. I hate those who have gender bias and I had friends who wanted nothing but male child. It has to do with social development. Same was the scene some 150 years back in developed countries, they wanted boy as a heir but they have developed and understood the finer things in life. I wish our country reaches that stage soon.

  7. What's more shocking is that there are even some women who don't wish a girl child. I mean that doesn't make sense.

  8. Bang On Ritvik! This surprise me too. Seriously, it doesn't make any sense!!!

  9. Though this is not related female foeticide but its an important issue
    You need to support this if you can or try and show up iff possible

    Kshama Chopra (SIBM '02 Batch) 5 months pregnant was travellng with his family after her health check up when an unsensible young brat son of a rich property dealer in Gurgaon rammed his BMW at 150 kms in their car.

    Kshama passed away on the spot while her mother and husband are struggling for their lives wth her father also in the hospital

    The accussed is stll at large and the polce are not doing anything

    A candle march is being organized from IFFCO Chowk Gurgaon at 6.00 pm on Sunday.Please come and support the cause all those who are in Delhi and for others Please spread the word. We need all the help we can get

    The group can be visited here :


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