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Monday, May 14, 2012

Take ten on Why Facebook is a Great Invention:

So its a Mark Zuckerberg's Birthday today. Let me count some Tens on Why Facebook (fb) is a great invention!!!

1. You get connected to the people you want. (even those you don't want! :P) Good connectivity is what matters!!!
2. You no more forget any birthdays and special events... Especially of the wives and girlfriends. Life has become less challenging!
3. You don't need to worry about your spouses' or children's affairs. Out of the habit of status updates and photo tags you can trace them anywhere!!!
4. Photos updates give you an idea what is missing in you own life to make it more exciting. As they say it "An idea can change your life...."

5. House wives are no more cribbing about being idle... (P.S. who the hell are you, they are busier than thou) :P
6. It works better than any other online media. Spreading the word was never so easy. (Social causes)
7. Your home business has a good number of clients without much investments on pamphlets/layouts etc.
8. Your mates are your critics/ fans/ listeners/ supporters, when before no one bothered to know your daily updates, you are now encouraged to pursue your Interests!!!
9. Because of Facebook, you have found long lost friends, relations etc.
10. Now people who didn't know the technology, computers and Internet are well informed with the basics and want to be online to stay connected....

                                        Happy Birthday Mark!

P.S. If you have any more, add on! 


  1. Happy Birthday Mark Zuckerberg, you made the world smaller and friendlier.:)

  2. I have a very long counter to that which i wrote an year back, why facebook is becoming "Social Not working". But then true that it is one of the better things to happen to human race in a while

    1. Indeed! btw what are the things that made u think the other way round? Though I feel everything has its pros and cons...

  3. True. FB has indeed had a strong impact on our society.

  4. Agree to all the advantages what you quoted; rightly mentioned by you "Why we should use Facebook"

    On the other part, there can be a list "Why we should not use Facebook" - and I hope there will be more than 10 reasons for that :D

    1. U bet! i guess the first one would suggest "its addictive" LOL!!!

  5. Facebook is now an integral part of our lives! And most of us are on it 24x7!
    There was a matrimonial ad, in which one of the requirements was that the bride should be NON-Facebook user!! :|

    1. Hahaha.. Yepp i saw that one! and I seriously thought will he actually get a bride!!! lol..


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