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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

एड्स पीड़ित (AIDs Patient)

घूमती पृथ्वी
गिरता आकाश
जीवन से भयभीत
हर दिन का प्रकाश
शक्तिहीन तन
रुचिहीन मन
अदृश्य मृत्यु
समक्ष खड़ी
टूट रही
संबंधों की कड़ी
चीखते मुंह
सूखी नींद 
आक्रामक स्वप्न
तिरस्कृत शब्द
और कांपता अंतर्मन
झुके सर
सकुचाते नैन
कुछ चीरते ह्रदय को
कुछ कटाक्ष करने को बेचैन
त्यागता समाज
दैत्य बना 
हर कल से बड़ा
मेरा यह आज
इस शहर में छुपी
एक रहस्यात्मक गली
जहां खोते हैं सुख-चैन
क्या मेरे कदम वहाँ भूले ही पहुंचे
किसी भटकी बेहोश रैन
या किसी ने अज्ञानतावश मारीं
मुझ पर ये खरोंचें  
इस जलते लहू में
पिघलते प्राण
मुझे भेदते  हुए
अनगिनत बाण
मेरी अज्ञानता
व  इस लहू की
असमानता ने
मुझे प्रदान करी 
कौन सोच सकता था कि
मेरा जीवन 

और मेरा अंत
इतना विनाशपूर्ण होगा...

(This poem portrays mental, physical and social condition (stigma & discrimination) of AIDs Patient!!!)

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. a touching one
    very nicely expressed...

  3. very vivid portrayal of the state of mind of person facing a slow but inevitable death .very touching

  4. An interesting one. I like the way you are able to take out the issue at front. I too have recently written about the same issue.
    There is one fact associated with the Social Stigma is much more than the disease itself. It is true not only in developing world but equally in the developed world as well.

    Nice Stopping by :)
    Keep Blogging

    1. Hi GC. Thankyou so much. I wanted to portray the feelings of the sufferer.You are right its more of a stigma issue than the disease itself. And so this slow death becomes more unbearable because of that.

  5. Sorely touching! Great work Shesha!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Sorry, I confused between my open windows for the previous comment...

    This is a gut wrenching account of someone facing the inevitable...I would have probably liked a little bit of positive in him where he has accepted the fate and is at calm with the 5 stages of grief theory...

    But u have worded ur perspective beautifully!

    1. Thankyou Pratik. I wanted to show what a person goes through physically, socially and emotionally. Even if one accepts one's fate, you probably want to write why things are like this in the society. This poem is to break that jinx of stigmatization placed on the patient by the relatives, friends and society! I want others to feel what a sufferer goes through.

  8. Excellent composition, very effective message !

  9. I hope and wish no one has to suffer from this awful disease
    lovely poem


  10. This refers to those who believe that acquired immune deficiency (AIDS) is NOT caused by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) but acknowledges that AIDS does exist, caused by some other means.


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