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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Andamans II

A very happy New year to all of you. Here I continue the story about next three days... To read the previous part click: Andamans I
Fourth Day: Our fourth day was planned at Havelock Island. We reached Havelock at around 2 p.m. checked in- Symphony Palm Resorts. The resorts were beautiful with lush green surroundings. Food was sumptuous as well. After our lunch we went for a stroll at nearby beach.
 White sand, green waters and corals at the beach side were no less than a heavenly view. While walking alongside the beach we saw number of sea shells of abundant hues. After observing them closely, we realized they were walking.
Dead Coral reefs at the beach side
I and my sister posing before beautiful hues during evening -Havelock
Shells sticking to a coral reef in Sea.

Different Shells with their Animals inside. Watch closely!
Another View of the beach during evening.
After spending whole day at the beach side, we decided to wake up early next morning to experience the sun rise.  
Fifth Day: A local told us that sun rises at around 3.30 in the morning and till 5 there was no sign of sun. A few minutes later we discovered the sky was covered with clouds and hence watching the rising sun was not possible. 
Later we went inside water upto half a kilometer or may be more- it was not deep. We saw fishes swimming around the Coral reefs, hiding inside after sensing us.
Me going into the water to discover some fishes swimming around the corals and sea-flora
 After getting ready and munching our breakfast at our Resort we left for Radha Nagar Beach. Radha Nagar beach in Havelock has been termed as the most beautiful beach of Asia by Times.  The water was clear like other places in Andaman- sky merging into the sea making it look like one.  One can swim in the sea and enjoy the waves.
Radha Nagar Beach
Swimming @ Radha Nagar Beach
Sand balls in star patterns- made by crabs at beach side.

We reached back at Port Blair the same day.
Note: One can spend more days at Havelock and enjoy the lovely place. Elephant Beach is famous tourist attraction for water sports like scuba and snorkeling. (Heard from a fellow traveler -it is good)

Sixth Day: Next day we started for Mahatma Gandhi Marine Sanctuary at Jolly Buoy. The sanctuary remains open for only 6 months. For other 6 months another sanctuary opens: Red skin Island. We enjoyed glass boat views (boats having base of magnifying glass) that shows life inside water. One can enjoy Glass boat ride or snorkeling-  any one which is included in ticket and can pay for other.  So I and my sister did some swimming on the lovely beach. Afterwards went for our ‘free’ snorkeling ride. After looking at the marine life my sister got excited . We took rs. 500 package per person to go further into the sea. It was far better experience than scuba at North Bay. We were awestruck looking at the life inside. Andaman is rich in Corals, we saw wide variety of corals viz. Brain coral, finger Corals, Color changing corals- they become white when one touches them and some more. Our guide gave us star fishes- one was red and one was electric blue colored. Touching them and picking them was an experience in itself. Going further we were made to pick the soft Sea-cucumbers. Again after sometime we saw a purple shell going inside the coral. Our guide told us that pearls are found from these shells. Diving inside the sea and touching sticky Sea-Anemones and playing with clown fishes was altogether an enchanting and mesmerizing affair. 
Jolly Buoy- My sister calls it a magical Photograph.
This is a Plastic free zone.
Camouflaged Crab
Flora @ Jolly Buoy
I wish I had a water proof Camera to click some vibrant under water life at Jolly buoy. Anyway I would plan for the place again in years to come- specially Havelock and the marine sanctuary. 

Hope you enjoyed the photographs. I loved Andamans. :)
Hotels Used:
Portblair- Hotel Hill top International
Havelock-Hotel Symphony palm beach resort


  1. Wonderfully narrated and beautifully photographed, Shesha!

    1. Thankyou So much Sir. Glad u liked the shots and post. :)

  2. I remember Radha Nagar beach - probably the best beach I've seen.
    Really remembered those good days, thank you! :)

    1. You are most welcome Ritvik. And thankyou for appreciating the post. I wish I could spend some more time at Havelock's beautiful beaches. :)

  3. Hi Shesha,

    Wow, what a beautiful place Andaman is. The water is so clear, it improves the look of the beaches even further. Loved it.

    Did you go for diving or snorkeling in these waters? It would have been good fun.

    Lovely photographs Shesha :)


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    1. You bet Jay! It was a beautiful experience. Yes I did Scuba @ North-bay, though not that great experience (because fishes were not in abundance there). And snorkelling at Mahatma Gandhi Marine Sanctuary-Jolly Buoy. And I enjoyed it like anything seeing and touching the underwater life.... It was hell lot of fun.

      Thankyou So much for appreciating the Photographs. :)

  4. I loved the photos. I want to ask, is vegetarian food available easily there? I mean it would sound a stupid question but whichever beach town we have been to, food has always been a problem.

    1. Oh Saru, this has been a problem with us as well... Yes vegetarian food is available there. Even if you'll ask them to prepare it without onion garlic (My parents do not eat onion garlic)-they'll do it. But there are very few all vegetarian resturaunts in Port Blair. Rest at everyplace they serve veg and non veg both.
      At port blair we stayed at ITC Grand, and in Havelock as I have already mentioned in Symphony Palm Resorts.

  5. We are concerned only with Veg as living overseas you learn to adjust that much. :)


Thankyou for your feedback :)

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