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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

4 March - Day's Update

Yesterday was a wonderful day. Like every year wishes poured in abundance - I love each one of you for making me feel so special. Though unlike last year I missed the physical presence of many friends and relatives. Things that really moved me:
1. Arrival of my Aunt (Yamini Chachi) and my bubbly younger Cousin (Shreya) an evening before to celebrate things at birthday midnight. I love you both so much.
2. Unexpected but very pleasant arrival of my very close friend Ashima who has been recently married. Thankyou Ashish for making it possible for her to come. It felt wonderful.

We did some ho-halla and cut the cake. And then loads of midnight wishes- phone calls.

 3. Thankyou so much to Ashima for being with me for whole day. A birthday is brighter in the presence of close pals.
4. Thanks to people at Barbeque Nation for singing that birthday song for me. That cheer and excitement made me dance on the tune!
5. After reaching home from lunch I received  a surprise bouquet from my sister cum friend Saumya. You know how much I wanted you to be with me. Missed you a lot. Thankyou for sending me beautiful flowers. And of course I can never forget your birthday wishes at regular intervals for the whole day (you always manage that!)

6. Some dearly amazing wishes on facebook that made me smile big time from my younger cousin Apurva, and his (now mine as well) friends Sanket, Manu and Swati. Sanket I will always try to follow your advice - "Stay Young, Stay Foolish." Shine, Supreet, Neha, Shailly, Chavi Didi- Loved your wishes too! Thankyou Sumit for praying for me on this day. Bharat- thankyou for helping me in making that gift and being there for me (mere pagalpan mein ab tera bhi hath hai-Lol).
7. Thank you to some more friends for sending me special email b'day greetings. I appreciate your hard work.
8. Even if you are not present physically- I always feel nice about being your sister - Puneet Bhaiya!
Parul, Rinki, Piku- Missed you too! 
9. Thanks to my Buas- Shanti bua, Shama Bua, Prabha Bua for your Ashirwaad. They didn't miss the day and gave me so many wishes.
10. Last but most important- Thankyou Ma, Papa for being with me in all thick and thin. I know sometimes I am difficult, but you manage me so well. Thank you for Hugging me when I need, for caring about small and big problems of my life, for bearing my mad and crazy fits, and for those smiling and adoring eyes when you look at me. I exist because you do. Happy 4th march to you too!
Thank you to my My sister- Rochana who always make it so extra special for me on my birthday. Roaming all day long for my birthday presents, and birthday dresses. And we all love your redeemable handwritten vouchers more than anything. I know how hard we fight, crib or cry we are there for each other to stand firm and strong against the high tides of the world and will continue to love each other in a very uncommon way. (haha- ye apne aap aya)
Sugat- I wish you all the best for completing your studies soon and take a high position job where you can manage to save 4 march for me. I love you :) And thank you for lifting me every now and then - I enjoy it and feel light. :P

Above all- Thank you To God for blessing me with all wonderful, loving and caring people around and blessing me with a wonderful destiny. Give me strength to keep them happy and with me. Bless me with whatever else you want. ;)

For the first time I received so many- flowers and cut three cakes in a Day... That ofcourse multiplies the celebration... :P
P.s. Pardon me if I have forgot to mention you (anyone), but your presence and wishes were warm. Thankyou for wishing me


  1. Love you Shesha.. Now I know in detail what happened on 4 March 2013.
    Wish it was a sunday like it was in 2012.. ;)
    May god bless you with the best..

    1. Thankyou So much Shine. Yes last year was so special. Love you too!!!

  2. hey it was a great day fr u...wish many more in future...felt very nice readng live moments...made me feel i was also dre...happppy bday once again beautiful gal...god keep blessing yu...remain as bubbly as yu are u...muaaahhh..luking forward to meet u soon...

  3. very nice write up. Describes every happy moment of your special day. Wishing you the best ones to come.


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