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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Anti-women components from the commons

We have seen some politicians behaving as anti-women elements, here I found some more recently from the commons too. Despite so many raised voices, protests, mass movements and daily mishappenings with women, they are standing firmly-orthodox and stubborn. I published this initially in my last post about Domestic Violence, but a few people insisted to shorten it as it became too lengthy. So I decided to put this part here as a different post. 

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On my train journey from Delhi to Allahabad for Mahakumbh, I met a woman police constable and one engineering student. I was shocked to listen to their views-
The woman constable was constantly cursing females. According to her women deliberately compel men to rape them by wearing provoking clothes, and poor men are innocent that they have no other option but to rape them in reaction. So according to her, 'Rapists are poor innocent deliberately provoked souls who couldn’t fight these evil women'. Also, she mentioned that after Damini’s case when her family received huge amount of charity and became 'rich', many other females are intentionally getting raped to earn that huge amount from media and masses. It is sad to know that people in police have such mindsets and you can imagine how a victim must be treated while filing a case.

The second person on train, a guy from an engineering college had complaints about the one reserved coach for women in metro while they can also take two reserved seats in each general coach (which are 8-10). When I said in a crowded space women are harassed and abused by some lewd men, he said that they should be confined to that one reserved coach. The fact that he was a 19 year old with low maturity level is no excuse for his failure to understand the misbehavior faced by women and difference in the physical fitness of men and women. He had problem with everything else related to special reservations for women.

I know some more people who had problems that when rape has been an issue forever here in India why people are over-reacting now (referring to Damini’s Case). These are highly educated people, working in India and also in U.S. in very well renowned corporate houses. May be, at our top schools/institutes rather than just teaching technical stuff, people should also be taught subjects that could help them take a mature perspective on problems in society, to teach them sympathy and help them empathize with people who haven't been as blessed as them.

P.S. I debated with all my might but they were equally stubborn like me. I hope they introspect and let the women in this country breath...

I wrote a few lines yesterday on women's day sharing it here: 
Sunshine smiled upon me this morning, I sparkled some more today
we'll fly higher girls, for today is our special day... :)
Wish u all a very happy belated Women's Day.
Keep loving & respecting women in your life and the woman in you! 


  1. Exactly! This one echoes my thoughts. I happen to talk to a guy in USA, and he said that Damini was a victim, and other girls who allow men to act lewd with them are the culprits. How can you allow someone to act lewd? That was never clear to me!

    About that police constable, her thoughts are great! Now men should not rape as they will have to shed money and make a woman rich - I believe shedding INR 100 crore should be the bank balance of such a woman to be qualified as rich.

    I believe that such men and even women can never understand the agony of getting brush passed a random stranger in a street, which is not crowded. It is plain simple intrusion, like a thieves enter a home.

    1. Moreover we can not say that the rape victims are the ones who wear westerns. Even all covered women are also among them.

      That guy in USA is Mahaan and glad not living here. We don't need him here at all to add to our agony!!!

  2. The female police was surely out of her minds!! either she is not well paid or she has some pshycologocial problem!! the guy I can understand speaks what his underdeveloped brain says... In india where women make all the major sacrifices in life are sadly treated as an object... and the reason is India is a hypocrite country where people think they're modernized as they speak "gonna" and "wanna" and other american dialects but fail to welcome the equality and freedom that America offers!!we are nothing but lost in the translation which is sad but true!!

    - Shamik Bhattacharya

    1. Very true Samik. Some women after living in a narrow restricted environment become so use to it, that they fail to respect their freedom and that of other women's. Attires and british/American accents are no proof of modernity. There are many english speaking- so called modern families treating their daughter-in-laws in the most orthodox and pathetic way. And then there are very modern guys who call their wives names under the alcohol influence and ladies are bearing with them.

  3. Shocked to hear what the lady police and the 19 year old said. The whole perspective of looking at the fact that R.E.S.P.E.C.T is above all, is different from person to person. When there is respect, safety and equality will automatically follow. If some of the above mentioned people are not willing to change their attitudes towards women, there are very few ways left to make the women feel respected, safe and equal in our country...

    1. I agree Kcalpesh. I feel there are always some who try to judge victims or see the other side of the coin (even if that side is unfair). Also they might belong to some different surrounding that is working behind their great thoughts. We can just do our part and wait for the change to happen in the lives of victims, sufferers, and these stone-age minds i.e. whole society...

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    1. It is really good to know about the status of women in Chandigarh. Similarly, I had good experience when visited Calcutta many years back. In public transports there even elderly leave seats for you if you are a woman. I remember, despite insisting that we do not need those seats, they left them. There are millions of men who are sensible, sensitive and cultured. Just a few thousands are making the experience bad.

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