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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Things You Do When Insomniac

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1. You count till Boredom. Or start solving mathematical problems and invent the light bulb, some cool gadgets and of course, the time machine.(or think about why the 'Orange' fell down). 
2. You go online during odd hours to find other insomniacs and update status message and wait for someone to like. When no one likes you cant go to sleep worrying about what you just updated.
3. You take a walk around the house- then open that cold Pandora's box to find some hidden treasure to munch on!!!
4. You tend to call a friend probably overseas to catch them alive and alert and talk to them.
5. If you are creative, you think. then you think about what you just thought, you process those thoughts and jot them down in the form of poems, stories, articles or may be drawings and paintings or may indulge into some experiments.
6. Read a boring book in a hope to fetch some sleep or you play games, watch movies and wake up some or the other member in your home to get a company and utilize the insomnia.
7. You realize that the tick-tock sound of your wall clock and of some water droplet are louder at night and feel irritated and think of them as a cause for your insomnia.
8. Call the police because your neighbours are partying loud and blame them for your sleepless night.
9. You tend to think about the exciting and eventful tomorrow and the failures of past, feeling both euphoric and depressed at the same time.
10. Last but not least- you think and dream about magic or anything that is beyond your reach i.e. About some spider biting you and you turning into a Spider-(wo)man or may be finding some dwarfs or UFO out of that window or sudden appearance of some soul wandering in your room when you are looking at that wall across... you even start hallucinating that someone is running on your terrace.

P.S. Author has recently experienced Insomnia, where she tried to talk to herself, bore herself and ended up roaming in the home during odd hours. Then she decided may be there are other insomniacs in the world who can relate with her problem and she can feel normal about it.
P.P.S. Seems like after ages (though not true) I slept and slept and slept fine... I dont know whats the opposite term for insomnia- may be soon that is going to hit me! :D

You can add your experiences here about how you utilize your time when insomniac.
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