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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

What are you waiting for?

I was thinking what exactly people wait for in their lives?  My neighbor says she most eagerly waits for her husband in the evening- but I see her in a cold feet when her maid is late by an hour- I guess more than her husband she awaits her house maid. One of my friend claims he has been waiting for a hike or a promotion. And when his phone bell rings, he cribs he needs peace of mind- so is he actually waiting for a promotion? Another guy tells me he is looking forward to get settled, but when his girl calls up & complains (she often does), color of his face changes- I wonder if he is really waiting to get settled? So somebody awaiting his promotion, somebody is waiting to buy a new house. Somebody is waiting for her/his score sheet and someone waits for a hike/promotion.
 A boy is looking for a chance to propose, on the other hand some girl is waiting for a chance to announce a breakup. A child is waiting to grow up and a man is waiting for his new job. A mother somewhere is waiting to give birth to a new life and someone is planning to abort her girl child. And then there is an old man who is tired of his illness hoping and waiting to leave the world. A bride is waiting for her wedding and a victim is waiting for his divorce. Some grown ups are eagerly waiting for the legacy to be passed on to them and a daughter is praying hard and waiting for her parents to return home safe and sound. There are some people, tired of the city heat, praying for the rains and then there are those farmers waiting for it to stop to save crops. There is a politician waiting to get into power and then there are thousands of people waiting for corrupt governance to crash.  Then there is a player waiting for a break in the national cricket team and there is a fan waiting for a match to start soon. So many different people, and so many different waits. But there must be some thing common to all.

One thing that everyone waits for all their lives? As children we look forward for Saturdays and Sundays, so that our parents are free for us. As a student we wait for the weekend to get a break from hectic school/college life and get rid of homework and assignments.

  As a professional we wait for the same to get some leisure time/to party may be a quick escape from a busy city life. As a spouse we look forward to it so we could spend quality time with each other, to gain that lost chemistry and to shed the growing burdens of progressing lives. As an elderly we wait for the weekend again to sit with our children & grandchildren who are swamped in hustle and bustle of life. So in a nutshell:

P.S. There can be exceptions. Need not mention that!

P.P.S. People across the globe are over-worked and that's why they wait so eagerly for a weekend all their lives. Do not burden yourself totally and take out some time for yourself too...

*Needless to say if you agree/disagree or if this post has made you smile or has disappointed you - kindly give feedback below.*

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