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Thursday, June 13, 2013

People & Puzzles

Have you ever wondered that we might be like various blocks of a puzzle and our world when united  is one solved puzzle as a whole? It just happened to me a while ago during my fits of contemplation. Read on and see if you agree.
We are like the pieces of a puzzle. Neither perfect nor complete. So there is one block that completes either one or multiple others. There are some people who complete us or many others at once. Sometimes we are the middle piece of that puzzle requiring many people to complete the space and meeting the requirements of them too and sometimes we are the side blocks requiring the support from just a few other incomplete pieces. Here by completing the requirements I mean any sort of interdependence viz. emotional, physical, psychological, spiritual, financial or any other. 

So we live in a world where we need each other to attain a perfection and a great life  for sure.  Our weakness is covered by their strength and our strength is enhanced by their efforts and vice-versa. Just then we look at our creator and smile back and say now we know why He did not make us that perfect- appreciating this socially dependent life.

Author's Note: Do you feel so too? If yes, your feedback  is welcome. If no, I want to know that perfect and isolated happy block that is not the part of this puzzle!
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