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Monday, August 26, 2013


She turned twenty-three. Postman delivered gift from her best friend living faraway. Unwrapping it, Sarah recieved her favourite - a book, classic this time. She hurried to her room and fastened the door. After reading few initial chapters, she desperately wished her life to be different. She looked at her fingers and a thumb and wished they were her wings; her black Burkah, her long tresses. She didn’t dream to walk or run today and get liberated from her prosthetic leg. Instead she wanted to hover high, breaking all the barriers around her leaving world underneath the vast galactic sky.
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P.S. This is Author's first attempt at Drabble.
P.P.S. Sarah is Urdu word that means pure.

Drabble is a piece of fiction strictly in hundred words.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Tale of a Gold-filled Broken Bowl

I read the blog post by one of my dear friend Shine titled 'Gold Filled Broken Trust'
Most of her posts compel me to contemplate on the subjects related to life and philosophy and this one was no exception. There she talked about broken trust that can be re-established and made more beautiful with reference to the following quotation she read online.
Being an optimist she tried to mend the trust that was broken for years by somebody, she talked about failing in the same.After reading her post, I thought some of us might be going through the same phase i.e. being hopeful and putting efforts to mend something that has been broken. Though probability of setting things right is more when the person who was at mistake realises his fault and put forth his efforts to fix things.

I thought about aforesaid quotation with a different view than Shine's, and hence thought of sharing it here.

We are humans and we percieve the thoughts of wise the way we want to, befitting our situations. There can be infinite ways to look at things or one universal way to understand them and implement them in our lives. 

Let the object or the bowl above be a person. We all face some or the other difficulties in life. We have heard about the famous phrase by Herbert Spencer, 'Survival of the fittest.'  Hence when a shattered person manages to stand again, s/he becomes fitter and fittest with each difficulty s/he faces. The experience gained in the process makes the person much stronger, wiser and less vulnerable. Such experiences have their own welfares to the world than to that person. S/he can rescue, empathise, be non-judgemental with that part of the world that is going through the same hardships which s/he went through.

The trust Shine talked about can be that soup in the bowl that filled it prior to the cracks. Once soup is spilled no one can fill it with the same one, we need to fill it with a new one.
The broken bowl still has cracks in it. Filling it with gold is a reminder to us not to under-estimate its value by its cracks, there is a history associated with it. A tale about its struggles and wise beauty. Japanese must have thought something beautiful like that. Quotes from wise mean something to keep for the long run. Isn't it?

Post Script: If someone has broken your trust more than once, try to be sensative to yourself and find people who really care. No one deserves a life full of uncertainities and errors. Love yourself!
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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Agony Aunts' Agonies

People often go through times of change in their relationships. Hustle and bustle of everyday life and/or emotional issues cause stress in the relationships. We all have stress in our lives, it could be job-related, financial, marital, or parental.

Are you 'the Agony Aunt' or 'the Agony Uncle' to many? Do you feel people around you need you while going through ups and downs in their personal lives? Does your advice do the magic in their lives?

According to psychological studies people who are good at solving relationship problems of others normally have difficult time in dealing with their own relationship issues. Is it really true? If it is, have you wondered why? 
While solving daily problems of your friends, family members or even acquaintances you get exposed to mental and emotional grind on everyday basis. Which is especially true if your attempts are sincere since advising without understanding the problems is a fake attempt to help. Hence, while dealing with them and giving them solutions you start living in their mess.  So a person might not be dealing with those problems in her/his personal life, but is stressed out because of the act of helping out her/his near and dear ones. Sometimes when such person deals with a personal problem in her/his own life, s/he can get in the state of denial or try to run away from that, being exposed to such things for a long time. Knowing their close ones are already having issues in their lives, a person tends to keep her/his worries with his own self instead of discussing it with others, when needed.

 It is a give and take relationship between pals and family. Discussing problems and finding out solution is a good habit to overcome stress and get a third person view on how things can be seen otherwise. So while you might be good at solving problems of your close pals, you should not think twice in taking suggestions from others when you need to. Always make sure you talk to them when you need rather than keeping yourself locked up inside.

While discussing your problems with anyone always remember a few things, do not discuss how much the world sucks and how bad people can be, but the possibilities on how to cope up with them if you really want to be in it.Try to reach the most practical person around you or else you can share it with more than one person and take the advice that suits you best.

Gloomy pals can give you pessimistic views and worsen the scenario. Try to approach the ones who are in a happy phase of their lives.

Take some time out for yourself and for soul retreat. Do things that make you happy. If more than one person is going through a problem around you- your mind needs rest and if you are tranquil then only you can help others in the best way and live your life too.
Having a girls time out or men time with your pals is a good and healthy practice. Do not isolate yourself while being in stress else it can turn into depression.

Enjoy your lives and bust stress!

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