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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Happy Deepawali

Wishing everyone a very Happy Deepawali.
This year instead of one, we had three Rangolis to flaunt. While I was busy in making one, my sister- in her Picasso Fits- created two wonderful Designs. So between three rangoli designs there was scarcity of space to walk but who wants to walk much in an Art Gallery! We all want to savor the artists' works in artists' paradise. Here are the photographs- the way I search for ideas each Deepawali, these may inspire you for the next one.

Happy Diwali
This is what I made this year!

 My Sister's Work
A modern and very creative Rangoli- I wish we had kids at home to really enjoy this one!

The Tribal Art
For last years' Rangoli click here.


  1. beautiful rangoli(s); yours one is more from a disciplined approach...time taking efforts...but the facial expression of those li'l creatures are attractive and very much expressive...happy dewali

    1. Thankyou Pratibh! Yes it took me quite much time to complete mine but the other ones were fresh ideas putting smile on the spectator's face! It was tiresome job but fun afterwards!


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