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Monday, November 11, 2013

Rudradhari, Kausani

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Luckily next morning at Kausani was beautiful with clouds seemingly performing a show and provided us a new view every ten minutes. A spectacular and mesmerizing view of some of the famous Himalayan peaks- Nanda Devi, Trishul and Panchachuli was treat to the eyes. Mahatma Gandhi termed this place as Switzerland of India- it indeed was beautiful.

Cloud waves rising from bottom

Trishul Mountain Range!

Loved the Sky Above

Our Halt, Sky, hidden mountain peaks and vegetation below!
 I found this bird hunting for small butterflies.
Little Pied Flycatcher @ 7.00 Am

Clock Flower and buds around

After taking breakfast we visited Anasakti Ashram (Mahatma Gandhi's Ashram), House of Late Sumitranandan Pant (famous poet)  (Only for the people who are genuinely interested in visiting it).
Name: Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly
Scientific Name: Aglais urticae
Ubiquitous Butterfly in the gardens of Anasakti Ashram, Kausani, Uttarakhand

The next plan of Action was to trek towards Rudradhari temples and falls (another temple of Lord Shiva). Going by reviews on internet, we were reluctant. According some people it was a disappointing affair while for some it was worth it. Anyway we decided to go for it.
As they say journey is better than destination. So was ours. Went went through dense forest, crossed a thin stream of river seven times. Normally when I see beetles and insects flying before my eyes here I scream petrified. Since it was jungle and insects were expected and common there, I didn't mind any unidentified flying objects. Before I share the photographs, here are somethings to keep in mind before you plan to go there:

-A guide is a must to show you the way, as without him one can not figure out the way in jungle. He can ask you anything between Rs. 200 -400.
- Keep something to eat and drink with yourself as there are no shops inside the forest.
- It is 1 hour track to reach the temple, 2-2.5 Kms approx. (One way)
- There are no mobile networks and no calls can be made once you are inside the forest.
- Falls are not that great as compared to falls in other places of India (especially falls in Pachmani, Madhya Pradesh), though if one is interested in trek, jungles, beetles etc. one should go for it. The temple seemed ancient from inside.

I couldn't locate the name of these...

Into the wilderness

Rudradhari temple

Rudradhari Falls

For all of us, the trek was enjoyable, the journey was wonderful and faces were smiling!
He was our guide Bacchiram, we found him waiting for his customers at the entrance of forest.

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  1. Really nice place! Kausani is a paradise for nature lovers. :)

    1. True! Its a fresh feeling in the arms of nature faraway from the city noise!

  2. why people find it disappointing? the forest and everything looks so beautiful! was searching on internet about Rudradhari temple but couldn't find much info. how old is the temple?

    1. People do look for destination, or may be there can be some who do not enjoy trekking. The temple or say architecture of temple wasn't great if you compare it with famous temples in India. Also the priest was unavailable when we reached and guide just guided us into the forest. Temple didn't look very old though! We enjoyed the trek and forest inside.


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