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Friday, February 28, 2014

Geographically Challenged

Doodle Diaries
Forget about marking places on the maps, some of us are in more serious trouble!!!

Being an Indian, now we will have to remember another state in India- Telangana. This is how this geography further keeps on challenging us.

On optimistic note: We are not geographically challenged- we see the world as one, we hate wars and people marking countries over countries which has no end.

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Thursday, February 27, 2014

When you chased something but realize you are not yet ready for it

How do people feel, and what should they do, when they realize that they have invested in something that in reality they don't actually want?
We go in a super-market; we buy many things that we really don’t need; or we go for shopping we buy a dress/shirt and after coming back and looking at it, we feel we didn’t want it. What do we do in that scenario? We either create a need, or we discard what we had bought!

Let us analyze the same in a human connection- let us say you have invested a lot in a relationship but all of a sudden due to some specific reasons you feel you don’t need this relationship neither you want it. A strong feeling of suffocation is felt during such times- a feeling of being caged! Either you will create a need for it or you will get out of it.

Image courtesy: Google

Before that you have to realize that it is not ‘a thing’ that you can leave at a given point and pick back when you want to. You need to brainstorm. You have to know if it is a temporary phase or the permanent one. Go with the flow for some time. Maintain a little distance and see things from the outer core. Know why you feel the way you feel and what were the reasons behind your investments initially. Probably because it is nowhere similar to what you had thought it will be.  It is either different or bad. If it is different you may/may not continue. Go with your gut feeling (our Id is stubborn- it can mislead us, but our subconscious mind knows about rights and wrongs).

However if it is bad you must quit at once, without a second thought. Now that you have contemplated about the things as in why your investment seems like a futile effort- if you want to get over it, tell the person how you feel. You may listen to a few bad words/ a little crying and few leave-me- not lines or you have to face a few punches and slaps- but freedom is always better than living unhappily ever after. It is better for the other person too as you can’t keep him/her happy when you are not happy in that relationship. Do the right thing with you and with the person you are living. You know it better about your life!!!

P.S. If it is about investment in business, you better stay till you earn your investments back. Do inform your partner at right time that you will not be staying for long.
(This question was asked under 'Dating and Relationships' head on Quora. I thought of sharing my answer here as well.)
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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Classy Woman

She grumbled about not being a classy woman- “Ah! Why am I not a classy woman? I want to be one!”
“Classy… You mean women who have class or who are classic (like Melanie Hamilton, a conventional lady with all mannerisms and good virtue from the classic novel Gone with the wind)? Or are you talking about the ones who are class-lovers, or who have been put in a different class by their admirers? Leave that apart. Tell me what will happen by being classy? I mean what is the fun in it?” I looked at her in dismay unable to understand the meaning behind those said words and inquired further.
 “I don’t know. It sounds good to me.”

I started thinking; ‘probably classy means walking with your chin up, eyes focused, straight body posture, wearing high heels, fine hand gestures while talking, and maintaining oomph in a group or crowd wherever you are. Laughing Ha ha ha, thrice with one hand covering your wide open mouth without getting the red lipstick smeared on the hand, and sadly making condolences on hearing sob stories saying- “oh that is so bad honey, how did you manage after that!”. Does it mean being a princess from the movie Princess Diaries? I was still wondering why one would want to cover herself with plasticity when one is so crude and naïve. Good girls don’t have real fun, because they are busy being good, isn’t it? We are already good, and now why do we need to become classy to kill that left over fun we are entitled to?’ I was pondering curiously.

Still inquisitive about her thoughts I asked her, “Who is classy around you?”
“Well…ummm”, she was silent and thoughtful!
“So there isn’t any. Huh?”
“Like to the outside world, you are classy!”
“Am I?” I smiled a bit, blushed a little and introspected for a minute. I cleared my throat from the awkwardness by the unexpected admiration and continued, “You know how loud I am, and careless in public or moody or primitive! I bite my nails sometimes, while making my point I get loud and strong, laugh even louder, I am faraway from fancy nail paints, I do make faces in public to amuse you not caring about the world around me even a bit- is it the definition of class for you?”
“Well I know that but it is not apparent to others. You have a list of admiring population unaware of the rusticity, loud voice, and weird talks of yours.” She grinned trying to break the magic she created a few seconds ago!
I smiled looking at her from the corner of my eyes. I lay down on my bed and covered my face with the quilt to sleep.  'She has enough class, she has high standards, and she behaves quite ladylike when in public, unlike me. She knows what to talk; she has a good opinion about most of the things in her surroundings and I am totally ignorant. While I work and live only by feelings, she lives with knowledge and feelings both. Probably we both admire things in each other; probably we want the other one to know about our opinions on each other. Or to make each other aware of the things we feel we lack in order to evolve a bit further. Though somewhere I feel we don’t lack in anything significant. As I understood classy means somebody who has a class, who is respected by others and who respects others too. A woman of high morals and standards!!!'

Image courtesy:
You may have a different perspective. What according to you is classy- any views?

Monday, February 10, 2014

Teddy day, World Sanity and Celebrations

At the beginning of  February I had no clue that after a week I will be dazed, clueless and feel fidget. Tired of Rose, propose, chocolate, teddy, promise, kiss, hug, valentine, blah, breakup, slap till infinity days. My mind and these days match no more, my phone's memory card is jammed, my brain is overburdened with images and videos on Whatsapp, and I am dying from overdose of virtual wishes. I would rather dream about getting a bouquet of roses on Rose day, or  to have teddy-fights on teddy day (just like pillow fights- I don't know what else grownups do with teddies), or big chunks of dark chocolates to lift up the all tired mood of February season. I prefer real things over the virtual.

While people are celebrating these days on Twitter/Whatsapp/Facebook with images, today is a chance for me to make a difference. I would like to propose some ways to sanely celebrate the day and make some real use of Teddy on T-Day. Here are my take ten on how we can convert 'a teddy day' into 'a world sanity day':

1. A Teddy Fight (my favourite):
This is so much fun, pillow fights are a passe teddy fights are in!

2. Managing your anger by punching a teddy:

3. Pass it on to the needy:
Remember: Good Karma always reaps

4. Using teddy as a pillow while sleeping, or cushion-seat while sitting on ground:
Who says maturity comes with age?
5. Remove cotton from inside and sew all teddies together to make rugs/ quilts:
Image taken from:

6. Gift your teddy to a real bear or your pet, it will love you more:
7. Stuff your teddy with gift and gift it to your loved ones:
Guys still fear that their ladies will shout on them for tearing the teddy apart!
8. Recycle your teddy into a teddy mop:

9. If you cannot make any compromise with your teddy then don't let it lick the dust. Remember:
10. Last but not least, spread the message in the name of World Sanity:
जनहित में जारी

Author's Note- After reading this post:
World Teddy Community hates me.
Some teenagers have grown up and others find me lame. 
Infants and pets love me.
Nobody is going to give me a teddy for rest of my life. (Yay!)
My dear ones will gift me something useful for my upcoming birthday. ;)

Wish you all a very Happy teddy-day, rose-day, hug-day, kiss-day, V-day, slap-day and last but not least till-death-do-us-apart-day!
(Stop wondering, there is no day like the last one.)

Monday, February 3, 2014

How to Woo a Girl ...

A male Gorilla deliberately splashes about in swampland clearings not only to display his splashing prowess but also to intimidate his competitors in the battle to woo a female companion. On the other hand for male chimps the way to woo their female partners is to shower them with fruits as a gift. Male mice whistle complex songs at ultrasonic frequencies and lions roar. The male birds dance to attract their mating partner.
This video shows an unconventional way of Bird of paradise to woo the prospective mate:
Dancing, roaring, singing show females that the male animal is healthy and strong. Gift giving exhibits that the male is good at getting food and will provide for their young ones. These courtship behaviors are for the show to convince females that a male will be the best father and caretaker for her offspring.
While all species are busy in wooing their female counterparts, humans have been developing their own set of techniques and skills to show that they are the best! Here are my two cents on 

1. Spend time with her: Females notice how you take out time for them from your busy schedule and how you look at them- if you are genuinely interested give her your precious time and attention to make her feel wanted.
2. Break the barricades: She may not open up to you at first and hence you have to support her stimulate the conversation! To look at you as a prospective lover she needs to know whether she can depend emotionally on you- if you can understand her insecurities, her fears.
3. Flirt a little: Do not overdo or under-do anything. Strike a balance. Overdoing might border to lewd or non-serious intention and under doing could make you a bore. Flirting helps in breaking the barriers, helping her to know how you would be romantically! I wrote a post on why do women get attracted to bad guys. A woman who finds a strong yet emotional man, can't go very far from him.
4. Know her more: If she is important to you, know her likes and dislikes. Ask her out for lunch or dinner. Make her feel comfortable and special. A random and spontaneous plan! Gift her something, a rose or secret bouquet or chocolates or random note in your handwriting stating how lovely she looked, or anything that you admired in her. 
5. Stand by her: Unlike you she goes through a lot of emotional instability. Her fears are genuine and she needs to know you can take care of them all. You have to show that you are man of words, you have to tell her that no matter what but you have ability to stand against all odds when you need to for the person you love. Never miss an opportunity to put words to actions if the need arrives.
6. Compliment her genuinely: She can tell fake admiration from genuine admiration. She was created with strong intuitions. And rare is the descendent of Venus who'll frown at a genuine compliment. Don't think she has received enough compliments from others before you came. She does need to know your opinion too. It's important to reinforce her confidence (in you).
7. Involve her in your life: Tell her about your family, friends, dreams, worries, aspirations too. Rather than only making her center of your life make yourself center of hers too.
 8. Show some Pet/Baby love: She needs to know how you care about little children or pets or how you talk to people of lesser order. While making a selection female mind subconsciously weighs how good as a father you will be for her offspring. She should know that she can depend on you in years to come.
9. Don't be a Humpty-Dumpty: There might be many folks trying to grab her attention, you have to be best in the lot. Take a watch on what you eat, exercise. An attractive physique can give you plus points. She caught your attention in a crowd, you need to work for the same. 
10. Be yourself: Don't pretend to be someone else that you are not. Because you can not tread far with pretense and plasticity.
Wooing is an art where you have to work with her conscious and subconscious mind. Since females are moody, unstable, and very insecure bunch you have to deal with them patiently.
Sometimes like males, females also fear from early emotional baggage you come with and then they do not want to try things at all. While sometimes they have that sort of emotional dependence that they get scared of their vulnerability on a new being.
Advice: If she is sure and determined that you are not the one, don't be a burden on her mind, better let her go.

P.S. You might love this another wooing-moonwalk too

Credits:Cartoon images used in illustrations are picked up from Google.
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