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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Classy Woman

She grumbled about not being a classy woman- “Ah! Why am I not a classy woman? I want to be one!”
“Classy… You mean women who have class or who are classic (like Melanie Hamilton, a conventional lady with all mannerisms and good virtue from the classic novel Gone with the wind)? Or are you talking about the ones who are class-lovers, or who have been put in a different class by their admirers? Leave that apart. Tell me what will happen by being classy? I mean what is the fun in it?” I looked at her in dismay unable to understand the meaning behind those said words and inquired further.
 “I don’t know. It sounds good to me.”

I started thinking; ‘probably classy means walking with your chin up, eyes focused, straight body posture, wearing high heels, fine hand gestures while talking, and maintaining oomph in a group or crowd wherever you are. Laughing Ha ha ha, thrice with one hand covering your wide open mouth without getting the red lipstick smeared on the hand, and sadly making condolences on hearing sob stories saying- “oh that is so bad honey, how did you manage after that!”. Does it mean being a princess from the movie Princess Diaries? I was still wondering why one would want to cover herself with plasticity when one is so crude and naïve. Good girls don’t have real fun, because they are busy being good, isn’t it? We are already good, and now why do we need to become classy to kill that left over fun we are entitled to?’ I was pondering curiously.

Still inquisitive about her thoughts I asked her, “Who is classy around you?”
“Well…ummm”, she was silent and thoughtful!
“So there isn’t any. Huh?”
“Like to the outside world, you are classy!”
“Am I?” I smiled a bit, blushed a little and introspected for a minute. I cleared my throat from the awkwardness by the unexpected admiration and continued, “You know how loud I am, and careless in public or moody or primitive! I bite my nails sometimes, while making my point I get loud and strong, laugh even louder, I am faraway from fancy nail paints, I do make faces in public to amuse you not caring about the world around me even a bit- is it the definition of class for you?”
“Well I know that but it is not apparent to others. You have a list of admiring population unaware of the rusticity, loud voice, and weird talks of yours.” She grinned trying to break the magic she created a few seconds ago!
I smiled looking at her from the corner of my eyes. I lay down on my bed and covered my face with the quilt to sleep.  'She has enough class, she has high standards, and she behaves quite ladylike when in public, unlike me. She knows what to talk; she has a good opinion about most of the things in her surroundings and I am totally ignorant. While I work and live only by feelings, she lives with knowledge and feelings both. Probably we both admire things in each other; probably we want the other one to know about our opinions on each other. Or to make each other aware of the things we feel we lack in order to evolve a bit further. Though somewhere I feel we don’t lack in anything significant. As I understood classy means somebody who has a class, who is respected by others and who respects others too. A woman of high morals and standards!!!'

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You may have a different perspective. What according to you is classy- any views?


  1. Good post . layered narrative with meaning left to reader to interpret. post like these , the one which don't offer a straight and white conclusion are real challenge for user and force them to reexamine their assumptions it make them think . Thanks for writing .

    1. Thanks to you Prashant for appreciating the words with your motivating thoughts :). What according to you is a classy woman? I need to unravel the meaning...

  2. Well .. anyone who can be proud and happy to be herself with seeking approval or being apologetic is classy . Any one who can accept others and respect them for who they are without being judgemental and patronising is classy . Man or Women doesn't matter

  3. And let all those who desire being classy read your that plasticity can be prevented from covering their souls....

    A thoughtful post Shesha..keep it coming!!

    1. Thankyou Hemant... While contemplating on it I discovered class or classy is not represented by pretense but by good virtue and high thinking!

  4. I keep discussing this with my wife and we have good, heartily laugh over this almost every time... incidentally this was the topic for evening discussion once again. reading it was almost a Déjà vu !!

    1. Lol! And I am curious what all you discuss... Apart from what I have written here there must be some amazing things for sure on which you enjoy a heartily laugh :P

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Hey classy :D
    Thanks for the thoughtful post..
    Nicely described the diversity of people's thoughts and opinions :)

    1. Lol.. I am glad you liked it and found it thoughtful :)


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