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Friday, February 28, 2014

Geographically Challenged

Doodle Diaries
Forget about marking places on the maps, some of us are in more serious trouble!!!

Being an Indian, now we will have to remember another state in India- Telangana. This is how this geography further keeps on challenging us.

On optimistic note: We are not geographically challenged- we see the world as one, we hate wars and people marking countries over countries which has no end.

P.P.S. You will love to spend some time here:
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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Haha. Good one.

    Reminds me. i want my own separate state in my bedroom. I dunno if my bedroom ends in the common passage or just where the wardrobe begins.



    1. Lol... winning that space will confine your territory. Be a lion who has whole jungle, men are busy limiting their space and then paying extra fees as visa charges :P :P

    2. I dun wanna be a lion.

      Save the lion, only #$% left

      I wanna be a rabbit :P

  3. I was completely crippled when Uttrakhand and Jharkhand were formed. It was then that I realised that my geography IQ outdated and poor. This insightful doodle reminds me that I need to know where Telengana is located.

    1. I know Shine how that feels. First we give exams and give all our childhood to those geography lessons (along with maths) and then they divide, change geographies, mark new places to give us jitters! I feel lazy to see a map... I can just tell everyone that its in India- around Andra :D in south :P :))

  4. WoW! Love ur drawings Shesha. Someone is back and now where are those poems.

    1. Thankyou Vishal. You can hit the Hindi poem tag for poems! :)


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