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Monday, February 10, 2014

Teddy day, World Sanity and Celebrations

At the beginning of  February I had no clue that after a week I will be dazed, clueless and feel fidget. Tired of Rose, propose, chocolate, teddy, promise, kiss, hug, valentine, blah, breakup, slap till infinity days. My mind and these days match no more, my phone's memory card is jammed, my brain is overburdened with images and videos on Whatsapp, and I am dying from overdose of virtual wishes. I would rather dream about getting a bouquet of roses on Rose day, or  to have teddy-fights on teddy day (just like pillow fights- I don't know what else grownups do with teddies), or big chunks of dark chocolates to lift up the all tired mood of February season. I prefer real things over the virtual.

While people are celebrating these days on Twitter/Whatsapp/Facebook with images, today is a chance for me to make a difference. I would like to propose some ways to sanely celebrate the day and make some real use of Teddy on T-Day. Here are my take ten on how we can convert 'a teddy day' into 'a world sanity day':

1. A Teddy Fight (my favourite):
This is so much fun, pillow fights are a passe teddy fights are in!

2. Managing your anger by punching a teddy:

3. Pass it on to the needy:
Remember: Good Karma always reaps

4. Using teddy as a pillow while sleeping, or cushion-seat while sitting on ground:
Who says maturity comes with age?
5. Remove cotton from inside and sew all teddies together to make rugs/ quilts:
Image taken from:

6. Gift your teddy to a real bear or your pet, it will love you more:
7. Stuff your teddy with gift and gift it to your loved ones:
Guys still fear that their ladies will shout on them for tearing the teddy apart!
8. Recycle your teddy into a teddy mop:

9. If you cannot make any compromise with your teddy then don't let it lick the dust. Remember:
10. Last but not least, spread the message in the name of World Sanity:
जनहित में जारी

Author's Note- After reading this post:
World Teddy Community hates me.
Some teenagers have grown up and others find me lame. 
Infants and pets love me.
Nobody is going to give me a teddy for rest of my life. (Yay!)
My dear ones will gift me something useful for my upcoming birthday. ;)

Wish you all a very Happy teddy-day, rose-day, hug-day, kiss-day, V-day, slap-day and last but not least till-death-do-us-apart-day!
(Stop wondering, there is no day like the last one.)


  1. hhahaha very refreshing witty post!!

    BTW I wonder who gave you that teddy on your last birthday, whoever they are, hope they don't read the post, or take the message in good spirits :D :P

    1. Hahaha One of them just did! Thank you for fueling devil's thoughts with a motivating comment! ;)

  2. Tujhe anti social networking squad join karni chaiye... :p .....btw i wouldnt like to see my friend mopping the floor with the teddy i gifted her..:p :D

    1. Lol! Till now I had teddy fights with them! Also I enjoyed some anger management fun with bigger teddies last year! Till the teddy is in good shape its never gonna become a mop. JK :P

  3. Hahaha... These are some innovative and sensible uses of teddy bears. I am all for World Sanity Day. Seriously, I am fed up of deleting the pics of roses, chocolates and teddy bears since the last 3-4 days.

  4. This post brought a broad smile in my face. Very ingenious ideas.

  5. haha never knew about a Teddy Day and yes, we need a Sanity Day with all the over the top going gaga online. Enjoyed reading this post:)

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