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Thursday, February 27, 2014

When you chased something but realize you are not yet ready for it

How do people feel, and what should they do, when they realize that they have invested in something that in reality they don't actually want?
We go in a super-market; we buy many things that we really don’t need; or we go for shopping we buy a dress/shirt and after coming back and looking at it, we feel we didn’t want it. What do we do in that scenario? We either create a need, or we discard what we had bought!

Let us analyze the same in a human connection- let us say you have invested a lot in a relationship but all of a sudden due to some specific reasons you feel you don’t need this relationship neither you want it. A strong feeling of suffocation is felt during such times- a feeling of being caged! Either you will create a need for it or you will get out of it.

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Before that you have to realize that it is not ‘a thing’ that you can leave at a given point and pick back when you want to. You need to brainstorm. You have to know if it is a temporary phase or the permanent one. Go with the flow for some time. Maintain a little distance and see things from the outer core. Know why you feel the way you feel and what were the reasons behind your investments initially. Probably because it is nowhere similar to what you had thought it will be.  It is either different or bad. If it is different you may/may not continue. Go with your gut feeling (our Id is stubborn- it can mislead us, but our subconscious mind knows about rights and wrongs).

However if it is bad you must quit at once, without a second thought. Now that you have contemplated about the things as in why your investment seems like a futile effort- if you want to get over it, tell the person how you feel. You may listen to a few bad words/ a little crying and few leave-me- not lines or you have to face a few punches and slaps- but freedom is always better than living unhappily ever after. It is better for the other person too as you can’t keep him/her happy when you are not happy in that relationship. Do the right thing with you and with the person you are living. You know it better about your life!!!

P.S. If it is about investment in business, you better stay till you earn your investments back. Do inform your partner at right time that you will not be staying for long.
(This question was asked under 'Dating and Relationships' head on Quora. I thought of sharing my answer here as well.)
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  1. Interesting read Shesha. Reaping rewards of investment is important, be it monitory or emotional.

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  3. Very nice post :)
    Loved reading it.
    Keep blogging O:)

  4. Buyers remorse? Beware of what you wish - you may get it.


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