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Monday, February 3, 2014

How to Woo a Girl ...

A male Gorilla deliberately splashes about in swampland clearings not only to display his splashing prowess but also to intimidate his competitors in the battle to woo a female companion. On the other hand for male chimps the way to woo their female partners is to shower them with fruits as a gift. Male mice whistle complex songs at ultrasonic frequencies and lions roar. The male birds dance to attract their mating partner.
This video shows an unconventional way of Bird of paradise to woo the prospective mate:
Dancing, roaring, singing show females that the male animal is healthy and strong. Gift giving exhibits that the male is good at getting food and will provide for their young ones. These courtship behaviors are for the show to convince females that a male will be the best father and caretaker for her offspring.
While all species are busy in wooing their female counterparts, humans have been developing their own set of techniques and skills to show that they are the best! Here are my two cents on 

1. Spend time with her: Females notice how you take out time for them from your busy schedule and how you look at them- if you are genuinely interested give her your precious time and attention to make her feel wanted.
2. Break the barricades: She may not open up to you at first and hence you have to support her stimulate the conversation! To look at you as a prospective lover she needs to know whether she can depend emotionally on you- if you can understand her insecurities, her fears.
3. Flirt a little: Do not overdo or under-do anything. Strike a balance. Overdoing might border to lewd or non-serious intention and under doing could make you a bore. Flirting helps in breaking the barriers, helping her to know how you would be romantically! I wrote a post on why do women get attracted to bad guys. A woman who finds a strong yet emotional man, can't go very far from him.
4. Know her more: If she is important to you, know her likes and dislikes. Ask her out for lunch or dinner. Make her feel comfortable and special. A random and spontaneous plan! Gift her something, a rose or secret bouquet or chocolates or random note in your handwriting stating how lovely she looked, or anything that you admired in her. 
5. Stand by her: Unlike you she goes through a lot of emotional instability. Her fears are genuine and she needs to know you can take care of them all. You have to show that you are man of words, you have to tell her that no matter what but you have ability to stand against all odds when you need to for the person you love. Never miss an opportunity to put words to actions if the need arrives.
6. Compliment her genuinely: She can tell fake admiration from genuine admiration. She was created with strong intuitions. And rare is the descendent of Venus who'll frown at a genuine compliment. Don't think she has received enough compliments from others before you came. She does need to know your opinion too. It's important to reinforce her confidence (in you).
7. Involve her in your life: Tell her about your family, friends, dreams, worries, aspirations too. Rather than only making her center of your life make yourself center of hers too.
 8. Show some Pet/Baby love: She needs to know how you care about little children or pets or how you talk to people of lesser order. While making a selection female mind subconsciously weighs how good as a father you will be for her offspring. She should know that she can depend on you in years to come.
9. Don't be a Humpty-Dumpty: There might be many folks trying to grab her attention, you have to be best in the lot. Take a watch on what you eat, exercise. An attractive physique can give you plus points. She caught your attention in a crowd, you need to work for the same. 
10. Be yourself: Don't pretend to be someone else that you are not. Because you can not tread far with pretense and plasticity.
Wooing is an art where you have to work with her conscious and subconscious mind. Since females are moody, unstable, and very insecure bunch you have to deal with them patiently.
Sometimes like males, females also fear from early emotional baggage you come with and then they do not want to try things at all. While sometimes they have that sort of emotional dependence that they get scared of their vulnerability on a new being.
Advice: If she is sure and determined that you are not the one, don't be a burden on her mind, better let her go.

P.S. You might love this another wooing-moonwalk too

Credits:Cartoon images used in illustrations are picked up from Google.


  1. 10 points someone.... nice and useful blog sheshai :)

    1. Thankyou Akshat! I am glad you found it useful and nice :)

    2. bas 8th point thoda tough hai ....I can't show some Pet love .. :D

    3. Ah you can show some baby love or respect to people of lesser order! :)

  2. You make it sound so simple Is that really all there is to it? :P


    Update my blog. Do drop by

    1. These were some pointers- what a person should and shouldn't do. Rest is in the hands of female's instincts and male's destiny! ;)
      And however easy it might sound, I thought it was pretty scary specially standing firm and facing her fanatic moods :P

  3. Ctrl+a.. copy *open notepad* ..paste :p
    Thanks for the info :p
    Nicely written and presented :)

    1. Hahahaha I am laughing here! Thank you so much Bharat for appreciating the efforts :D

  4. Nice advices. Thanks to the writer.

  5. Shesha - looks like you are making Partner part#2....
    Anyways...good advises for first timers and some for married (like me) too..

    1. Thankyou Hemant. This is just an attempt to educate guys about some turn offs for girls! ;)


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