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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Funny Reactions on Turning 30

I turned 30 yesterday. I was reluctant to step into a new decade of my life initially- but  I didn't have any choice. Had I had any, I would have procrastinated for some more time (frankly). But why? I thought a bit further. It is may be because in 30s our hormones do not inspire us to shout out loud, or to jump in excitement, or to do or talk about something silly. Rather they ask us to keep calm and not to react.  With these mixed feelings, we end up reacting on the same terribly. We start hating 30s. We have to tell ourselves- its just a minor change in number, nothing much!

People say turning 30 is no fun. But it can be if you have loving, funny, concerned and all kind of people around you. I am sharing 9 different reactions that came free along with wishes yesterday. Plus last one from mine to everyone who has or who will turn 30 sooner or later!
Do share any different wishes or reactions you came across on your age! 

1. The funny and out of the box Reaction:

That teaser came from my  elder cousin- I was taken aback for a second but couldn't stop laughing in disbelief of what he said. He has humour :) :D

2. Mean-Reaction:
I once asked a friend about why do they talk about anti-aging creams at 30. And this was his plans for my 30th birthday's surprise gift. He even advertised the cream! I will shoot you, was all I said with a loud laugh!

 3. I don't want to make you feel bad but...Reaction
Thank you for your disbelief, I for a second really thought 30 is older than 60!

4. Condolence-Reaction cum wish: 

I really don't feel bad honey... Had our parents not grown you wouldn't have been here mourning!

5. Fire Alarm Reaction:

I used to think people marry because they want to marry, or they love somebody, or they feel they want to live with each other. I didn't know just because they turn 30, they marry any Tom, Dick, Harry or jerk!

6. Panic Enhancing Reaction
 Doesn't this line create a panic... In a decade I will be blogging about 40s.

7. Encouraging Reaction:

A soothing line...

8. Age-indifference Reaction cum Happy Wish :

After so many different reactions, I found this worth putting here too. Most of our world is normal.

9. Flattering Reaction:

Isn't it flattering? ;)
10. This last one is my reaction on turning 30 :)

 Yes, one may feel jittery, uneasy, uncomfortable before getting comfortable with the number '30', but why not look at the brighter side?
P.S.: If you look at larger picture its not 30, it is just a 30% out of 100(atleast I feel it will be 100 years)- far from half-life!


  1. Age is just a number Shesha! Hope u had a great day.

  2. Yes Shine I had a nice day :) As one of my friend told me- Age is not a number...its a word! :D I am glad I am breathing even after turning 30! :))

  3. You must be kidding, you don't look 30 at all. I m 32 but in my mind, i refused to grow after 24. I still feel as young as i felt then. :)

    1. Saru Thankyouuu so much for that awesome compliment... *wink wink! Even I refuse to grow up- else I will never be able to do crazy and fun stuff that I do sometimes!
      And trust me artists as romantic as you should never grow up- else romance will grow old! ;)

  4. Belated Happy Birthday!!
    Am a senior citizen :D

    1. Thankyou so much :) How can you be a senior citizen!!!

  5. I wish you #8 & #9 b'day wish & reaction, Shesha :)
    As I am yet to hear your voice, for #7 I can refer to your "Blogging voice" that sure is young!
    Cheers :)

  6. Belated Happy birthday Shesha! I can relate to each comment! same pinch :P


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