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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Other Side of the Bridge

They both knew that hiding the truth, dodging questions, answering in lies will make it more difficult for them to cross the bridge of their egos. But they chose to put curtains of practicality upon their desires. They yearned for the presence of each other, but feared the disclosure of their vulnerability. Their intense emotions were making it difficult for them to breathe during the exchange of greetings on virtual world. No one knew any way to unlock the doors that they had closed behind. He decided that he will cross that bridge only if there seemed a substantial hope.

Drabble is a piece of fiction strictly in hundred words.
Last Drabble I wrote: Sarah


  1. wow .. what a read in 100 words!!! lovely !! to say these type of fine details in very less words is of great requires harmony between mind & heart and you present that here beautifully.
    it is like ..
    Satsaiya ke dohre jyun naavik ke teer
    Dekhan men chote lage ghaav kare ghambir.

    though this is left for the readers' perception to come to an understanding about written words...but in whole text you have used 'they/their' except the last line...where in 'he decided...' but reader is unaware about 'what did she decide'...

  2. In 100 words you have captured a beautiful emotion through the story..


  3. In 100 words you managed to encapsulate the feelings of this couple.

    However, I guess the restriction of 100 words meant you didn't have enough scope to elaborate more on the characters involved and the reasons for their situation.

    Nevertheless, very well written Shesha :)

    1. Thankyou so much CRD. The idea of a Drabble is to convey a story that can move people or convey strong emotions or ideas in shortest possible form! Rest is on the readers to imagine the remaining part! :) I haven't yet tried Fiction55 which is about 55 words only- I find it more challenging and tough!

      I will soon publish some elaborate fiction! :)


Thankyou for your feedback :)

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