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Monday, April 7, 2014

Grey Strands

You are a woman
with grey strands on your head
But you should dye them,
as you are not married yet

For their sons,
greys  is the color of flair
being Richard Gere or George Clooney
is a cool affair

But girl there is something
that you must know
in greys you look gruesome,
a mother of four

They know he won’t hear
his mother otherwise
so she has become submissive
and decided to call him a man so wise

Girl, you must be polished
in brown or black but not grey
with those imperfections
 there can’t be any foreplay

They wonder how perfect their son is
prudent in worldly matters
He has hump on his stomach, to eat from
when stranded alone in a desert

Dear girl, you should be flawless
overflowing with plastic like a mannequin
so that some unknown king from faraway
can approach you to be his queen

Dear mothers of sons
 and men of colored strands
a woman is known to be perfect
when in adversities, she firmly stands

She is not a Barbie on display
She doesn’t want to dye her head
she finds them beautiful
Why this hideous act?

Being Dented painted waxed polished
with no marks and greys is not her duty
there is more to her
than this ever fleeting beauty

She loves her grey
and fondly calls them her silvers
and probably in years to come
she may be waiting eagerly for  famous ‘wrinkles’…

G is for Grey Strands on April 5,
P.S. This post is dedicated to those who have a bias for the color of grey!
P.P.S. Let her be the way she wants, she is beautiful with her imperfections.


  1. Wow.. i love it. Imperfections are beautiful.. good one Shesha <3

  2. Very nicely done. Yes, we need to accept the imperfections and move on...Things have to change..

  3. Yes grey hair makes us sad, I do have few grey hairs and never pluck it out :)
    Love your poem !

  4. I'm not a fan of my gray hairs. At least they're still few!

    1. Yeah! In my opinion greys or not greys that should be left upon the person who is bearing them. Rather than pestering someone to dye because you are a girl, unmarried and wt not. Gender Bias is something I don't understand!

  5. Love the poem! Wow.. amazing!! :) :) But I'm not a fan of grey hairs either- I do have a very few :P :P

    1. :P :D Yeah I too hope somedays that I should not have them. But anyway change and greying is part of the process which we should accept (even if we color them) and I have started loving mine. :)

  6. I loved this totally!!! I don't have grey hair yet and I hope I shouldn't get it anytime soon! :(

    Participant|AtoZ Challenge 2014
    Smile, it makes (y)our day!

  7. Ho beautiful is this post?!!!!
    Women cover each and every strand of grey because they feel it should be hidden. While men go around flaunting their greys and their every growing paunch!

    1. You bet! And older women and rest of the society makes it a big deal! I feel a woman should be painted and dented if she feels like doing it, not under the societal pressure!!!

  8. A very nice poem that conveys an important point! But I still like to colour my greys....not because of what "anyone else" says or wishes or expects, but because I like it that way :)

    Beauty Interprets, Expresses, Manifests the Eternal

    1. I truly respect that and I truly adore that. That was what I wanted to say. We should color them because we want to color them not because society thinks we look hideous and terrible!

  9. This is something everyone should read...So so relevant! Absolutely right what you said in every line here!

    Random Thoughts Naba

  10. Excellent the message!

  11. I wouldn't mind silver hair, but my head has decided to go from blonde to drab mouse brown to gray.

  12. grey, grey, go away!
    isn't that double standard terrible? and aging, just don't enjoy the downsides - but i wont dwell on it!
    great poem!

    1. Thankyou Tara. Yes double standars are really frustrating and they make you write articles and poems. May be they are not that bad for bloggers ;)

  13. "And fondly calls them her silvers and probably in years to come she may be waiting eagerly for famous ‘wrinkles’… Loved it and loved the message too :)

  14. dropping in from the A-Z challenge.....

    isn't it sad? but that's how society expects women to be....hide her imperfections and look beautiful outwardly..... who cares about her inner beauty?

    1. Ah! There are people of every thought. There are takers of inner beauty, and outer-shine. I would want to hide things because I want to, not because anyone else wants it. Takers can take them and non-takers should become flexible!!! Am I wrong?

  15. Oh, my silvers, my grays, my platinum blonde...whatever you call them, will never be color covered again.

  16. Greying with grace is so graceful. Upto a certain age it is all right to darken your hair but if we darken our hair beyond that limit, it looks ugly.

  17. What a brilliant way to make your point. Loved the poem :)

  18. Loved the way it has been expressed :)

  19. How beautiful Shesha! People make labels to impose on others and you've exposed this hypocrisy through sheer power of words.


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