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Wednesday, April 9, 2014


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I looked back to the time when I signed my first appointment letter. My work hours were defined, eight hours in a day. I was happy that I got a job. Office started from 9.00 am. and ended at 5.00 pm. Like all new recruits I was enjoying my work. Stirred by the words of my manager I started bringing my work to home. Inspired and motivated to perform better, I started staying back at office for longer periods. Even if I hadn't I would still be loaded with work that one could never complete in eight definitive hours. I decided to be the most resourceful employee and best in my team to bag a hike and may be get the fastest promotion. I felt pride and sense of self fulfillment. I lost interest in people, social gatherings, my family; I stopped respecting those who were not working hard like me. Everywhere around me there was bait. Bait of bonuses, hikes, competition, performance certificates, best employer trophy. I evaluated everything in terms of opportunity or profit. I never realized why most of the companies or jobs talk about precisely 8 working hours. Why number 8 is the standard number, neither 7 nor 9! Now after years, when I have been caught up in the web of consumerism, I analyzed the 8 more carefully. I held my first appointment letter horizontally on the table to check on my work hours - ∞(Infinity) it was. I realized, my hands were tied in the loops of 8 or ∞. I feel that I am totally handcuffed. I had no watch to realize time was running elsewhere too.
I is for Infinity on April 10,
A-to-Z Challenge
P.S. Through this post I have tried to define real working hours, and I do not intend to discourage anyone from working hard! 


  1. I have tears in my eyes, I can well relate to this. Even if I am not present at work, my mind is always there. Good One Shesha :)

  2. Insightful, incisive and incredibly true! I love how you've analyzed the 8 as infinity. How we can get sucked into the vortex of work.

  3. Visiting from A/Z. I think employers will always see how much they can get from an employee and also how much they can get from an employee without having to pay them for it. I used to go the extra distance at work, but rarely do these days. I team play and help as I can, but I do try to separate work from regular life otherwise it can be so time consuming.

    good luck with the rest of the challenge!


  4. Reminds me of calculus..Approaching infinity.. Turn back before the burnout :)


  5. I learnt quite early that there is no use to go the extra distance in work..especially in Indian IT companies...No siree!

    Latest A2Z Challenge Post-Random Thoughts Naba

  6. That's quite an analysis... And after staying in the same company for a long time I realized they don't care about employees.

  7. when i was reading this, all through i was feeling like "is this how i will be when i start working"!! how true it is!

  8. When I worked before quitting to have my kids I was a lot like that. Everyone in my office was on salary. So honestly it didn't matter if you worked through your breaks, worked over, or came in early. You were getting paid the same as the idiot that spent and hour and a half staring into space, grabbing a coffee, checking their personal email, and hours during the day on personal phone calls or going out for a cigarette. It really got to me and made me mad. The thing is in hindsight I realize I should have just did what I had to, took advantage of my breaks, and left when I was supposed to because I didn't get anything more than an attitude. Great post.

  9. This is so damn true...loved how you've interpreted 8!!

  10. I can see myself in the post and my work was my everything. Unfortunately, we lose out on precious things in life and forget the self. Very beautifully narrated, Shesha:)

  11. I appreciated what you said but I have worked for myself since the 1970's so can't really relate. When you are in business for yourself you work around the clock :) The important thing is how you treat your employees and make sure they are compensated for everything they do

    Carol @ Battered Hope

  12. It's so true and the way you turned out 8 to infinity is too good :)

  13. An insightful post that speaks of something terribly important in today's world. Really, what do we truly gain from working such long hours?

    Beauty Interprets, Expresses, Manifests the Eternal

  14. hold a zero by touching either side of diameter, using both of your hands
    twist it along diameter in opposite direction
    see the figure you get
    it is infinity sign


    When you twist zero, it becomes infinity.


    you anti-twist infinity it becomes a zero.

    0 and infinity are 2 different names for same object's 2 behaviours.
    if you know the art of twisting and anti-twisting, you can make an infinite work into a zero-work, no-work !!! (if you work for something you love then there is no work involved at all.)
    and connection to the 'waiting for' post is catchy here

  15. I work as a Government officer with Government of Gujarat and yes, I did that to myself too, for a long long time. But, then I had to stop somewhere. For myself and for my loved ones around. And I did that. Slowly and gradually..


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