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Friday, April 18, 2014


I am putting here a set of ten questions. Answer the questions you like!
1. Why do you travel? What is your dream destination?

2. What do you value most in others?

3. Do romantic movies make you cry? If yes how do you deal with the outburst when with family/friends?

4. According to you a should a boy ask the girl out (or propose) or any of them can?

5. Which social causes you deeply feel for?

6. If you are vegetarian how you would deal if you are caught up in a group of all non-vegetarian people on your table? Or vice-versa?

7. What is the one thing that you want to do but haven’t got any chance to do?

8. Your views on Gay marriages- can you accept it in your family or in case of your son/daughter? (I am asking it again on my blog)

9. If a stranger waves back at you, or give you a smile, will you respond back with the same? If not, why?

10.  Here is a situation: Your server goes down, you go to the cafe but all in vain. You can’t access internet from anywhere… After filing a complaint, the operator tells you that server in your area will be down for next ten days! What will be your reaction, what will you do and how will you spend those ten days?

Q is for Questions on April 19,
A to Z Challenge.


  1. 1. Brazil is my dream destination. I travel coz.. ummmm.... hmmmmm... I donno.

    2. High spirits

    3. Yes, I cry anyways!

    4. Any of them can.

    5. I am against child labour

    6. I am a non-vegetarian, and with a bunch of vegetarians I will have something vegetarian.

    7. Sky diving.

    8. Yes, I will accept. I posted something on Queer

    9. I wave.

    10. I will cut off from the world.

    1. Thanks Shine :) Interesting Answers. Loved your post Queer!!!!

  2. Good set of questions... My dream destination is Italy :-).

    1. :) Italy is beautiful Place. Thank you for answering Jayanta ji! :)

  3. My family knows that i cry easily while watching movies or TV Shows. Romance, yes, but not just romance. If I like the characters, I allow myself to try to empathize with them, and that's part of the way I enjoy the show. I cry and I'm happy to admit it.

    1. Thank you so much for answering that! You have expressed it beautifully- "I allow myself to empathize with them and its a part of the way I enjoy the show" It is important to live a life in movies if we are watching them!

  4. Too many questions dear .. to answer i will try and answer !
    My dream destination - Egypt ( love to see the pyramids and i love Jesus... would love to visit with my family
    Faith and Relationships are of great value
    I do get involved in movies, yes cry, laugh express my emotions... sometimes even react
    Not particular, girl can propose too
    violence in any form
    I eat both, no issues - comfortable with both type of friends, I do have
    Learning Hindustani vocal ... love and still love singing
    Gives me stress when i think of my husband and other family members... it will take some time to digest and accept the situation
    I will smile...and if motivated may wave
    I will relax with gratitude and take some time for meditation ..

    1. Mam, I love Egypt. But I have heard its not very safe but still Pyramids will be interesting things to visit. Even I want to go there sometime... I loved your answers alot. Thank you for answering :)

  5. Lovely Questions Shesha.
    I like travelling because it's an excellent means of introspection and seeing what a small place we occupy in the big world. My Dream Destination is Europe especially France because I share a lot with it.
    The one thing I value in others is honesty and sincerity.
    I'm not one for romantic movies.
    I think it's very conventional for a boy to propose or ask a girl, either of them can do so.
    The social causes I feel for are child labour, education of women and sexual abuse against women and children.
    I have never faced that situation.
    Travel abroad.
    I support gays and gay marriages.
    I will smile and wave. A smile can brighten anyone's day.
    I will have the ten best days of my life. Travel, read, watch movies, listen to music, write some things and make a list of everything I will do once the internet is up and running :)

    1. France is a beauty (in photographs and movies- as far I have seen). Honestly indeed is something everyone asks for but few get. and wow I loved your each answer till tenth :) Awesome one last one!!! Thankyou so much!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. 1. I would love to go to Australia and to Greece

    2. Honesty, friendship, wisdom

    3. Of course, they make me cry! I don't care who sees me express emotion.

    4. In this day and age, I don't think it matters anymore

    5. Animal abuse and battered women

    6. A lot of my friends are vegetarians - when in Rome........

    7. Be on the road full time as a motivational speaker - which is what I am working towards.

    8. My best friend is in a gay marriage.

    9.Absolutely and always

    10.This question is hilarious as I wrote a post on that last month and here is the funny story
    No Wi-Fi? No problem!

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