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Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Regrets

“What is the biggest regret in your life?” a friend probed me.
I said “nothing.”
“Really?” he was astounded.
"I did take my chances, I did fail too. I stood up again. Isn’t it how life should be? Why should I have regrets?”
He knew I wasn't wrong!
I thought further. The things we did in our lives were exactly the ones that we wanted to do at one point of time. Repercussions, good or bad, are ours. Then why do we need to hold remorse or guilt for our own actions. Why is there a need to recall our impulsive actions, failed dreams and aspirations or lack of hard work throughout our lives? We all are accountable for our lives and mistakes we make. We may repent for the chances we didn’t take but why to repent for long. I may have regretted for knowing someone or may have regretted for not working hard, or putting myself in vulnerable positions, but the regrets came and went. None lasted for long. Rather than repenting- we can either work hard or we can be glad that we gave our best shot for what we believed in. Or at least did what we felt is right and suitable for ourselves. Or may be try once again without leading a reproachful life. Looking at bigger picture or being optimist- it might also be possible that we have dodged some bigger accidents by missing on a few things. As they say put your all efforts on what you believe in and then have faith-‘whatever happens, happens for good…”

R is for Regret, on April 21
A to Z Challenge.
Read my guest post on Shine Kapoor's blog on Right Age.


  1. I might have regretted sometimes, but I have managed to push over those regrets away. In the end, Karma matters. Look at from an outsider's perspective you will find a way out ;)

    Thanks for contributing on Right Age my blog

  2. Absolutely whatever happens, happens for the good. I am blogging at
    The Other Side for A to Z challenge

  3. Good message. Everything that happens happens for a reason.

    Dropping by from AtoZ
    Suzy at Someday Somewhere

  4. I dont agree shesha that everything happens for best .I have seen many kind hearted and realy good people suffering in their life . Yes I agree we should b optimistic but sometimes bad experiences in life makes us negative thinker!

  5. Regrets are truth of life and moving on while learning from mistakes should 'ideally' be the motto..but how many can stick to it!!

  6. Lovely post. Life is meant to be lived without regrets.

  7. Oh an absolute NO to regrets! Look to the past and learn from our mistakes- never regret that they happened. Repentance, however, is a different thing. I can always repent for a mistake made, especially if I have hurt someone else. I must learn not to make such mistakes again.

    ~Shailaja's post

  8. To me regrets are also necessary but not brooding over them and doing nothing for the future...Very nice and strong post...

  9. I totally agree... Living life with no regrets is pure joy! Of course one must learn from past mistakes but must not live in the past with regrets!

  10. thats so well said.. taking up d chances are very important! maybe a little time to whine about the past is fine.. bt hanging on to it is not good!

    we chose the same word today :-D:-D

  11. While probably most people have regrets, it isn't wise to dwell on them because a person needs to move forward through their life and past them. ♥

  12. Very interesting post on Regret. It's better to fail than regret and have quite a few missed opportunities in life. The best thing is to Act in the future and keep going:)

  13. Very thoughtful post .... Intense thoughts :)

    Participant|AtoZ Challenge 2014
    Smile, it makes (y)our day!

  14. I agree with this line - We may repent for the chances we didn’t take. And as you said, why regret as we wanted to do at one point of time.

  15. One of the key motivations for writing my memoir was to give strength to people, like myself, who suffered immeasurably at a great cost. It is easy to say that all things work out for the best and I am an optimist who always looks for the good in any negative situation. But my regrets are many and not many people could have survived. The best thing that came out of all the trauma was to help those who need encouragement. For that I am thankful

  16. I always look for positive effects of my failures... This is one of the reason why I dnt have regrets. They are a part of my life.

  17. though i don't believe in ...whatever happens...happens for good
    whether this is regrets or NO-regrets.....but i love Kaifi Azmi this nazm which says

    मैं भी रूकने का नहीं
    वक़्त भी रूकने का नहीं
    लडख़ड़ाएगी कहाँ तक
    उठ मिरी जान
    साथ ही चलना तुझे


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