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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A to Z Reflection Post

A-to-Z Story:
It was the summer of 29 March 2014 when I thought about checking April A-to-Z Challenge list. Inspired by Shilpa’s blog post and previous year’s challenge updates from her blog, 15 days earlier I went on the site to register for it. But due to power failure I thought I failed in the process. So out of general curiosity I went back there to check if I have my name there! I pressed control and ‘F’ and entered my name, there was nothing. I thought about taking part in it next year with some former preparations. Something came in my mind and I typed ‘ELIXIRED’ in the search box and there it was… I became stoned. I was perplexed. I read and re-read rules instructions on the site. Because of tensed mind I thought I was missing something important. I called up Shine- my friend-bloggermate-rescuer. We had discussed about the challenge earlier. Because of her job and routine she didn’t get time to check into the challenge link. We talked that night, me in panic- thinking what to do; she smiling and telling me-“we will crack it together”. Yes she had made her mind to jump in with me.

I have been a moody blogger. When something inspires me, I write. When nothing hits my head I wait for that perfect mood or idea to give me a push. When I am not updating my blog, either I read or travel or I write Hindi poems in my diary-which I seldom publish here! I scrolled down past year’s archives- posts number for every year on my blog read 27...18...26…35…31.
I was going numb, thinking what will I write for continuous 26 days! Anyhow leaving my fears behind I blew the trumpet by updating A-to-Z Challenge update before entering war- the war with me and my mood-based- writings. I shared the news with fellow bloggers around who like me had inhibitions of completing the task. Feverishly I started making the list about what to write. I re-read the challenge instructions. That was the time when Shilpa came in for my rescue, telling me not to worry and I can ask her for any doubts or where ever I get stuck.

A night before I was ready with my one third list (tentative) of the topics I will write about and the first post’s draft. And then the challenge started the next day. I was all enthusiastic. I wrote a poem about a boy who had lost his dad and was missing him. So the routine started.I thank my Sister and Brother for proof reading many of my last minute works. Daily I cribbed about not having any awesome idea to write about, changing the topics at last minute. I wanted to try my best to survive through this challenge, keeping the quality of posts intact.
After first week, I read a lot; I shared my views on most things ever on blog-o-sphere in such a short span of time. My eyes were dry, but not my enthusiasm! I was tired as I am advised not to be before computer for long, but writing during night and visiting others during day was an amazing experience. I had plans to go to Udaipur with 5 other girls. Fellow friend and blogger Shine was part of the trip. We planned our Udaipur trip from the scratch during this time. Everybody did their work from planning to searching and booking. It was an hour before catching the train when I was scheduling my posts fervently. My sister and her friend were both reminding me to hurry up.

The funny reactions:
A fellow blogger(CRD) pinged me on Facebook: "Whatsup?"
Me: "Nothing, struggling!"
CRD: "Why?"
Me: "I am tensed, don't know what to write for tomorrow?"
He asked in amusement : "Are they going to send their men after you, if you withdraw?"
I laughed: “I want to reach the finishing line with all my might!”

My mother saw me before laptop whole time, reading, writing, commenting and she said, “Are you going to give away your life to this challenge or will they sue you if you do not write?”, I laughed over it again.

Looking Back:
Now when I look at the month beginning, I see the whole challenge task nearly impossible or unattainable for me. But I survived. I survived along with a trip to Udaipur, falling ill and sleeping for a few days on pills and doctor’s visits, shopping for a friend’s wedding, and two days wedding celebrations. The hurdles made journey far more exciting, breaking the monotonous routine. As my family knows when I really want something, I am one ghost after it with all my heart and soul. (ghosts don't have heart/soul but I do have) And it proved I love this blogging thing a way too much.

Your support made it a success, thank you:
Along with my family, participant fellow bloggers, many non-bloggers and non-participant bloggers supported me during this challenge. I thank all of them who used to share their views offline through messages, fb-chats, phone calls and emails and showed their support! ((though I would have loved it more if their views were visible on my blog too). I did not know that so many known people read my blog. With their messages and support they too indirectly became part of this challenge. It was wonderful when after reading my posts my friends used to ask me what will come with the next alphabet (about which I had no clue). Many of my post topics were changed before last minute- I wanted to ensure the quality. Without their support I wouldn't be inspired to write better. Love you with all my heart. Again Shilpa and Corinne thank you so much for making this challenge a success for me and helping me in knowing so many fellow bloggers.

I connected with many awesome fellow- bloggers:
During this challenge I got to know some of the wonderful bloggers notably Vidya Suri, Beloo Mehra, Rajlakshmi, Kathy CombsVishal Bheeroo, Jayanta, Nabanita, AnanyaSunday Visitor, Srilakshmi, Shailja, Swathi, Aditi, Pheno-menon among others.
I thank CRD (fellow-blogger) for his comment support. I love you Shine for your support and for boosting up my confidence.

Closing speech:
This A to Z taught me that if I really want to write something I can write daily (about which I had no clue initially). Also when it is about my self- respect I can challenge my limits to prove myself! (Laughing out loud) Thanks to all the A-to-Z team and mates :)
P.S. It was my first participation in any such challenge like many others.


  1. Yay.. We did it. I was as skeptical as you were, but I guess the spirit of going kept us motivated. It was all the more special because it was a long challenge. I am up for it for 2015 already :)

    1. True Shine. This is an awesome feeling! :D Hehehe 2015 woah! You are in love my lady.....with this challenge!!! winks***

  2. First, congratulations galore. I echo lots of your sentiments and the way you went about it.. Yes, we made it altogether :-). Thanks for mentioning me.

    1. Thankyou Jayanta ji! And you are most welcome :)

  3. Thanks for this exhilarating account of your challenge experience! I'm so impressed by how you aced the challenge despite your other activities and illness.


    1. Thank you so much Damayanti! You are awesome :)

  4. Well what matters is that you reached the finish line and are thrilled with the experience! Congratulations, Shesha. Now you know you can do anything :)

    1. True Beloo! Enjoyed the challenge and fellow blogger's company! I am glad I met you through this :)

  5. This is what I mentioned in my post that A-Z had been a hard task master....and yes this worked well for all of us....but you met the challenge strongly in spite of all the hurdles.....GREAT!

  6. many congratulations on completing the challenge :) it was nice connecting with you :)
    ps: i loved that fb chat n ur mom's comment abt challenge :D i have heard a few similar comments :D

    1. Swathi same here! Enjoyed your posts! :) and moms will be moms :))

  7. Congratulations on completing this task. I'm not sure how you pulled this off. I spend hours in solitude to write single post...if I had to attempt this, my family would've packed me off to an asylum,

    I haven't read all these posts of yours. Maybe I'll start tomorrow, one per day.

    Wish me luck :p


    1. CRD hehehe! Once you will get into this, I am sure your family will support you with all their might! Next time you may try :) There are so many bloggers around who will motivate you to pull through!
      Thanks for your support though! If you want to read them all- I have tried not to make them lengthy- so they will be an easy read! All the best :P

  8. That's awesome that you did this without planning much ahead. Congratulations!

  9. Congrats ! thanks for sharing your experience and hats off to you, that despite all the challenges you made it !

  10. HEllo , how are you doing, I know its been ages since I last came over.. aug/sept 2012 i think.. I was away from blogging myself ..

    let me congratulate you on completing this task, wowow.. i could not have done it ...


  11. Hello there.
    You completed your first challenge inspite of the challenges you had to endure. Congratulations! Thanks for sharing. I'm making a short pit stop from the A-Z Road Trip!

    Entrepreneurial Goddess


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