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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Caught in Vicious Trap of Writer’s Block?

“What happened to you? No posts, no blogs, no humor nothing on your blog from a long time? Have you quit writing?”, a friend of mine asked me.

Quit!!! I thought about the word ‘Quit’, never in my life I can think of abandoning my blog forever. “No, this is just a temporary thing. I am going through a writer’s block these days.” I replied with a helplessness and disappointment in me.

“What is that? Last April you were loaded with posts, what happened to you.”

“Not sure, but I don’t get words. I feel a mental blockage these days. I want to write but nothing falls in the right place.”, that was all I could say.

“You will. Keep trying! Remember I am waiting to read something new on your blog!”

I was motivated, remembering that I am being read and appreciated. A while ago another friend of mine asked me the same thing. With all that, my desire to write something turned into desperation. I remembered a time when a twitter follower said to me “I wish you never face a writer’s block. I enjoy reading you. Good luck!”
I sat before my laptop again.

Why do we face writer’s block?
It may be out of sheer laziness or lack of ideas worth putting forward before the world or may be our mind is terribly stressed out and tired or blank we get into vicious trap of writer’s block. These are the times when our blog on which we work all year long tirelessly, post our thoughts on random topics lives in darkness. Our page views fall down and creative side of our brain becomes dormant.
We sit daily before our screen and try to type in something worthwhile but fail to. And then one day we decide to leave it all for some time and plan to start afresh again later. I was struggling through similar phase, when Wednesday Prompt on Write tribe poked me to write about what I can write best at the moment. Every year I suffer from this for some time either due to getting too busy all of a sudden or due to stressful events. This time there is none and I am clueless why I am short of words with a mind like mine (a mind that cannot stop analyzing/thinking/or plotting pranks on people around). Despite my absent-ism from blog I am trying to be active on micro-blogging site twitter.

Ways to Combat the Evil!!!
So it is not about me but about many bloggers out there who tirelessly work on their blogs but sometimes get stuck with a mental block. Things that have worked previously for me to combat this evil may help you, if you are going through the same.
First thing I would want to suggest you is to join a group or a site that can inspire ideas, simulate brain and motivate you. For instance write-tribe seems to be my rescuer for now! winks***
Next thing that has helped me before was reading. Read as much as you can to absorb knowledge, emotions and wisdom from books, newspapers and other blogs. This habit instills ideas in you and work in your favor many times.
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Talk, discuss, debate, question and analyze. Our blogs are more or less inspired by our lives and life around us or the things we see. People who read us are sometimes people who motivate our blogs. Discuss random topics with your friends, family and colleagues. You can find one thing in your talks which can provoke ideas for many different topics.
Keep yourself motivated. To come out of the black- hole we are in, we have to keep ourselves motivated. Constant efforts to push ourselves out of this mental block will certainly help our way out one day. Hence never lose that motivation.
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Never stop making notes. Even an irrelevant thought that strikes today can be a thought that can inspire a blog post tomorrow. Always jot down things that come in your mind either in a word pad on your laptop; or in notes on your mobile; or in pages of your diary.
Don't keep yourself too busy or too idle. In a day take out sometime for yourself. I fondly call it ‘me-time’. Creativity comes best when we spend time with ourselves and get lost in the romance with words.
Lastly another way I have found is writing here and there, reviewing random things online helps in maintaining a rhythm. It may do the trick to get those words back on track.

There is a sigh of relief after writing down this post. I hope a comeback after this one. Thanks Corrine and Vidya for coming up with this topic.
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