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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Blunders and wonders- #Food!

It was yesterday afternoon when in a mood to pamper my mother I asked her what did she want to eat, while munching on a snack myself.
"Samosa", her reply came a little carelessly though promptly. I know like any Indian lady, like me, she has a soft corner for Indian-chaat especially Golgappas (puchka), Samosa and Bhelpuri. I planned to get some samosas from neighboring market for evening snack time with tea. My dad under the influence of his healthy preferences suggested that we cook some at home instead or postpone them for next day, (having indulged a little too much in the last couple of days of festivals).

But adamant as I am sometimes and in full mood to coddle my mother, I decided to prepare them at home. I am not a professional chef, but being an enthusiast from an early age I normally don't leave my chance to romance with cooking. Since I have helped my mother twice before so I decided to do the task all by myself without any assistance. Post all preparations I couldn't find the plastic mold with which we used to give good shapes to this snack. But after one hour of hard-work I completed the task. When along with tea I served hand-made first time trials, my mother couldn't stop laughing.
"You made cutlets?" My mother asked.
"Taste them Ma." I was laughing in embarrassment too.
"These are sumptuous!" She exclaimed. My dad loved them even more. My sister gave some 'pat-on-my-back' compliments.
"But never make these, once you are married. I don't want anybody to blame me that I taught you these", referring to their shape, mother said teasingly.
"Ah! I will make them for sure in that case, so they will never ask me to make them again. It will solve the problem forever.",  I said laughing.

P.S. They tasted splendid, don't judge them by their deformations!!!
P.P.S. One of my friend told me how to shape them in absence of mold, which I think I did, but would love to try again sometime with more concentration.
P.P.P.S. After making blunder-samosas, today morning I decided to wash away my sins by preparing breakfast. This is what I made: 
Flat brown Potatoes  topped with Vegetable Salad, Toasts and my favorite Cold Coffee


  1. Looks like ur samose vr suffering from malnutrition lol jokes apart but good job for making a yumm... breakfast :)

  2. That looks really yummy!!! :)

    1. Soumya you are boosting my confidence with that comment! I was really embarrassed on samosas but then we bloggers blog about extraordinary things or unusual ones!!! :-)

  3. Deformed maybe but look delicious!!

    1. Ah! I want to show these comments to my mom now! Thanks magiceye :D

  4. For a foodie the shape of the food does not matter. It looks delicious to me..

  5. samosa and all are things which we should go for taste more than the looks...
    trial looking is a nice idea..
    nice post...

  6. Look very attractive, but make it tasty ?


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