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Friday, October 24, 2014

7 Creative Rangoli Designs I came across this Diwali. #HappyDiwali

Wish you all a very happy Diwali (Belated). As a ritual every year I share here the rangoli I make (from the time I have started making decent rangolis). This year I would like to showcase a few designs by people around me that added more beauty to the Diwali decoration (along with mine). If you too like them, post your views in the comment section. Here I go:

This was the first rangoli I saw, made by a friend Manisha along with her friends. She has become an expert with creative sketches of Lord Ganesha and she chose the same for her rangoli. Isn't is creative and beautiful?
 Made by: Manisha Raj and her friends, Software Engineer, Delhi.

I loved the use of mirrors in this Rangoli. With a big diya in the center, Pratima has artistically designed the surrounding space. Innovative!!! What do you say?
Made by: Pratima Tulsian, Owner at Parchment Corner,
I was looking at this charming & modern design again and again. Maitri has created an appealing design by wiping off colors at regular intervals. The color combination is striking too. Isn't it?
Made By: Maitri Chaturvedi, Physiotherapist, Wardha.
Who can miss looking at this attractive & vibrant corner of the house! Soviaa's rangoli looks amazing with lighted diyas around!
Made by: Soviaa D Mehta, 3D visualizer, Delhi
Arti shared her neihbours work that she made around the planted pots. Lord Ganesha's another depiction. I liked it.
Aarti Gandotra, Prof. at Ansal University, Delhi, shared her neighbour's artistic work.
Akshat shared the rangoli that bagged first prize in his office. You just can't stop looking at this mesmerising work. 
Shared by: Akshat Sharma, Software Engineer, HCL, Delhi.

 Manisha shared her friend's work. Next year, I would love to decorate a corner of my house with such beauty... Simple and elegant!

Made by: Amit Kumar and his wife Manisha, Doctors by Profession.
And this one is made by me this year.

Goddess Lakshmi holding Lord Ganesha.
I hope like me, you also enjoyed these artistic designs above.
Wish you all again a very Happy Diwali...


  1. I like all. I particularly admire the neat rangoli of Manisha, Amit and Akshat. Mirror work is innovative.
    Maitri's work is creative. Btw I am not a pro at reviewing creative stuff but it surely is a delight.
    P.s. I love ur work. Each year u suprise me wt your rangolis. Keep up the good work.

    1. Thankyou so much Shine for your warm and motivating words. :) xoxo

  2. all are too gud! I loved the first three the most :)

    Thanks for sharing :D

  3. Lovely bright, colorful, and beautiful designs.
    I love them all :) Rangolis are a super gift of incredible India.
    Your Rangoli is pretty too!
    Happy Diwali!

    1. Thanks a ton Anita. I agree with you, rangolis are super gift we use in our ceremonies to decorate even floors with beautiful designs. A very happy Diwali to you ttoo!!

  4. Wow ! thats really beautiful rangoli's , each so different and nice ....

    1. Thankyou so much. I am glad you enjoyed the designs! :)

  5. Oh God! I see perfection and divinity staring at me through those lovely designs...
    Really amazing and different.

    1. I am delighted Locomente that you liked the designs. Thankyou for your warm feedback :)

  6. Wow! These are fabulous! You and your friends are super talented. Thanks for sharing these. Hope you had a great Diwali!

  7. Belated Diwali, Shesha. Aesthetically beautiful Rangali adding spark and magic to the new year, Thanks for sharing and keep up the great creative work. Super duper:)

  8. Sprinkle some bright colors on rice paste and see the magic. Kids are busy with their pastel crayons and poster paints to color their own designs. rangoli designs


Thankyou for your feedback :)

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