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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The lonely note in your wallet

Ever wonder why? 

People at the top are mostly desolate. Ever wonder the notes of ten and hundred always seem to find company in your wallet, the coins seldom fail to find others of their kind to be with. However, a thousand rupee note sits alone waiting for someone to meet, until it finally breaks down. 
What is wrong with it? Is it an arrogant snob or just some poor bloke who couldn't find someone compatible to be with? Even the most commonly encountered statistical distributions- Normal Distribution, chi square, t, F, Binomial, Poisson show that the loneliness at the extremes is a rule rather than exception.
If you're the lonely one,
You are not the only one.
Though its not a ubiquitous state,
You may soon find another lonely mate!

If you are alone, know that you are rare but your kind will find you soon. Meanwhile enjoy this song!

Today's post is a guest post by Sugat Chaturvedi. Find him on his blog titled "Elysian Fields"

Image: Google

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Do Penguins Have Teeth?

I was aghast, not ready to believe what I saw on my Facebook timeline. A post by NatGeo showed a picture of an angry Penguin with its mouth open with teeth inside.
I have never imagined before that birds may have teeth and they can look so horrible. Just imagine a bird sitting on the porch of your veranda either smiling at you or running towards you with its open JAW. It felt scary. Happy feet didn't look anymore happy out of the 3D world.
I went on internet to search 'Do birds have teeth?' It said 'NO'.
So it was only Penguins whose mouths look so exceptionally different from inside. I searched again, 'Do penguins have teeth?' It again said 'NO'. It was further written on a site that 'like other birds, penguins  also have no teeth. Rather they have backward-facing fleshy spines that line the inside of their mouths. These help them guide their fishy meals down their throat.'

It was relieving. They should be soft, a bird is like a bird. It is soft like it looks. It made me happy. 
I went again on NatGeo's post and read the comments. They were worth a good laugh. 

The broken dream seemed lovely again... Even though the picture is still scary, it doesn't seem that terrible. Penguins looked lovely walking handsomely in their tuxidos like ever before in all videos I have seen till now...

 P.s. Penguins are social beings and they can't survive happily without the company of four at least. So if you dream about keeping one as a pet (if law permits), think about keeping at least four... Isn't that adorable now? :)

Friday, April 3, 2015

Five Ethics to follow before uploading a Profile Picture on Social Media

We all want to post awesome pictures of ourselves, possibly the best ones and flaunt a little bit of whatever narcissism we have and desire to fetch worthy comments on them too. At the same time we want to sustain cordial relations with our friends and don't wish to upset them with our careless uploads.
Seeing people changing their display pictures on daily/weekly/monthly basis on social networking sites, I have noticed five annoying things that some of us do. Taking note of these careless hideous acts, I have come up with five commandments we all should follow before putting up our next display picture on social media! 

Next time do keep these things in mind before putting up your display picture on Facebook or any other social media site:

1. No Half Cut Faces of Friends
Never crop your photo in a way that you come in the center while your other friends come in your photograph with half of their faces chopped off! Of course you would not like to see the similar thing happening to you in their display picture. It kills the visual appeal of the photo and annoys the one who has been cut half! Either crop their full face or retain their face. In the era of digital photographs, one doesn't need to worry about their limited camera roll, one can get another solo picture or better photograph sometime else.

2. No De-Colorizing the Faces of Friends

Frankly, this is one of the worst effects I have seen of late. Just imagine, in a group photograph your friend retains the color on his face, while put everyone else in black and white including you. Neither s/he will look hot and happening nor other friends tagged will approve of it.ed in that photograph!
Not sure if this effect is still in vogue!

3. No Bad Photographs of the Known

You put best photograph of yourself and ignore how others are looking in your display picture. Always pay heed that your friends are looking happy and good and you don't angry them by putting their bad photos online. Also check in your photograph no one is actually picking up his/her nose, scratching his butt, or is victim of wardrobe malfunction. (Unless you want to play a prank on them and they accept such jokes.)

4. Share Credits
With so many DSLR professionals/amateurs around, many people want to show off their talents and creativity. I have seen after clicking a very lovely photograph of their friends, some people ask for a courtesy credits on their time line or in their comment section. Many non-thankful non humble souls respond to them in comment section with "Yes yes Ty" or else ignore them!
Why not say a simple nice courteous thank you in picture credits and motivate them to click you again, may be even better next time! After all they wasted their creativity and one minute to 5 of their lives in clicking you.

5. No Bathroom Selfies
It disturbs me a lot. I don't know if that is a problem in my head or with majority of other people too, but bathroom selfies look really uncool. We all know most of us have good bathrooms to show off and good bodies too. Why not wait for the right click in the gym or a beach rather than putting up display pictures directly uploaded from bathrooms. I remember one of my friends embarrassed once, asked me to confirm if the lady who had uploaded her selfie on his timeline with a weird expression was actually sitting on her commode with a little of her butt skin in her picture.
I then realized Facebook witnesses constipation boredom as well at times. That was embarrassing for me as well!

Do you agree with the Above? Are there some more pointers you feel people should follow before putting up their display picture on Social Media? 

P.S. These days #MyChoice is taking a priority in people's life, I am not sure if this is the right time for me to publish such a post!
Peace!!! :)

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