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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Have you danced in the rain yet?

“Maa, this year none of us has danced in the rain yet.”

My mother who was reading something moved down her reading glasses from her eyes to her nose and smiled looking at me. She knew what I was referring to. I often miss being a child these days.

We have grown old, I thought. In old days hearing alluring sounds of water pouring down outside, we kids used to run to get dripped in the rains, singing, dancing and playing. Now we don’t enjoy rains like before. We whine about the puddle it creates, all the inconvenience it causes and spending those elongated hours in traffic.
We nag more if it doesn’t rain. Why! Why we don’t enjoy nature like before?

I remember how earthworms hidden in anonymity used to get out of their hideouts to enjoy a stroll outside. And then there was me shouting and jumping through the veranda to get out of the home, making sure I don’t step on any of them. These days we don’t see any of those, who we have read are very good for the soil and environment.

Droplets on lemon tree leaves outside our home...
I decided not to get wasted in the technology today. And so taking a break from my mobile screen I have sat outside in the veranda of my house to enjoy this beautiful hue of novel green. The clouds have washed everything around giving a new life to this part of the earth. As morning winds caress my face with freshness, I took a sip of my tea.
Rains, they are one of the most gorgeous things in the world!
They have brought everything to life. We no more like to be jailed in closed air conditioned rooms. I love to see everyone enjoying their surroundings outside during mornings and evenings, feeling alive, free from the scorching sun-rays. Even the mornings and afternoons have become beautiful with louder chirps of birds, honey bees playing on flowers and resting droplets of water everywhere. While the nights have become bewitching like those magic tales, full of croaks of frogs and creaks of insects, the winds have become pleasant and fresh from  roasted brown.
Let us embrace the beauty of rains with open hands. Look above in the sky, there might be a rainbow somewhere crowning the earth.

If there is heavy rain again, I am going to dance in it like before. I have decided not to waste this monsoon any more… 


  1. A wonderful read, and rain does bring a sort of rebirth. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you for appreciating it. Yes it does bring sort of a rebirth!

  2. I feel as we are maturing, we are going away from our innocence and what we loved and still love unconsciously.

    Lovely post...i like to be with nature, in general.

    1. Ditto Alok! I too enjoy being in nature. It has so much beauty and life in it! :) Thanks

  3. oh I have I have... but that was so long ago... Rain brings about a lot of emotions and memories

    1. :) True Raj rain does bring lot of emotions and memories...

  4. I love the rain. In fact, I try and make it a point to go out at least once when it rains. There's something refreshing about it :)

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