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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Announcing my participation in April A to Z Challenge(2016)

April A to Z Challenge for bloggers is starting from April 1 where all the participant bloggers would be posting blogs on each day of April except on Sundays. So the 26 days of April will be dedicated to 26 alphabets, starting with any topic from letter A on April 1, B on April 2 and so on till Z on the last day of the month. This is 7th Annual A to Z Challenge this year and my second one.
Last time I participated in it in 2014- you can check my posts here: AZ Challenge, 2014 

I haven’t updated my blog from many months, I apologize to the readers who expected regular posts and showed their disappointment offline about the dormant site my blog had become. Since I was super busy with my pre-wedding, wedding and post wedding life, it became a daunting task to snatch away that time and inspiration from my new routine and sit before the laptop and write with all my heart and soul. Not being able to update my blog and follow my eight year old routine, this challenge is going to be a good break for me.

I would be needing a lot of support and love to go through this tiring yet super fun April Challenge. I wish all the best to all my blogger mates and to the readers of this blog (you would be reading a lot this month). 

The sign-up link is still available to the bloggers who are interested and haven’t signed up for it yet:
Sign up here for A to Z Challenge, 2016

So let us all gear up with our respective keyboards and glasses and lot of enthusiasm for this April. 


  1. All d best Shesha!! Eager to hear ur post wedding stories....

    1. Thanks Hemant... I hope I come up with some interesting stuff and do the justice to this blog ... :)

  2. Waiting for the fun to start Shesha :)

    1. Yes yes yes!!! I am all excited and nervous at the same time... Hope to nail it! :)

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