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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Red Truck...

It was the evening of Saturday. The clock struck six. After a busy day we were going to the office of our internet provider to return our old set top box. The vehicles on the road were moving at their regular speed of sixty-five miles per hour without much traffic around. It was a pleasant evening, city was basking under the warm sunshine that was coming out from partially clouded sky. We both were tied up in our regular conversations with a zing of perpetual humor. As we slowed down our car after noticing the traffic signal turning red, a red truck surpassed us in a hustle. And then it stopped with sudden jerk at the light. We were slowly approaching the signal. 
“This man, he looks foolish. He is going to hurt somebody,” soon as GK spurted out, the man turned his red truck from middle lane to right one in haste, pressed break, pressed race, pressed break and BAM… a brand new navy blue SUV, which was calmly waiting at the red signal, was knocked in its buttock. This blue beauty that didn’t have a number plate yet, evidently had its first steps on the road. 
The man reversed his red truck a little and promptly escaped from the event. 
“Tch! Tch! Oh my God! That has happened with me too, back at home.” I paused a little, “but not this bad!” I said looking at the deep dent that new SUV had just witnessed. Two minutes later the owner was talking on phone, standing beside his wounded car on the other side of the signal. 

“Do you know some people have told me that Red cars have higher rate of insurance in America, I am not sure though.” he informed me. 
I took out my phone and checked the internet. It was a myth! 

  Image: Google


  1. Sorry for the Navy Blue SUV guy. The red truck will be caught eventually. Have you noticed small cameras near green lights in the middle of the road. They take photos of every car.

    Here, the insurance premium is based on your driving record, age, gender and marital status, and your zip code. (Males are more likely to be involved in an accident than females.)

    I am told red cars get Highway Patrol attention very often in a freeway.

    1. Wow those are interesting facts. Ya later while coming out of the store that guy was right outside the place and he was with Police, filing a complaint.
      Yeah I noticed those Cameras, driving here is far civilized.

  2. Hope you did not get hurt back home.

    1. No, it was my car waiting for the signal to turn green when a motorbike hit it from the back. I don't understand how people hit the vehicle that is not even moving. Thankfully there was a small bump and a little scratch, not that dent.

  3. That was bad, very bad indeed. Not sure about the insurance but but Red and black cars are often the most expensive of the lot.
    So glad that you guys were safe and away from that rash red car.
    @theerailivedin The Era I Lived In

    1. Thankyou so much! Yes we were far off from it. It was shocking to see how that guy was recklessly speeding and putting breaks and speeding again!

  4. I didn't know about this myth in first place, but I hope the truck driver gets caught... else he might become a repetitive offender.

    Whimsical Medley
    Twinkle Eyed Traveller

  5. I've heard about the Black car bringing bad luck but nothing about the Red one. Thank God you were fine and the truck driver, I doubt, he'll get caught. He should but such cases don't usually see the light of the day.


  6. Gosh! This brought back memory of accident years ago. Incidentally, our car was red in colour and was hit from behind a lorry while we were waiting at the red light like the blue SUV. Our few months old car suffered a big dent! :(

  7. Some people are so careless with rash driving and the myth about red car...sigh!! The rash drivers should be brought to book and dealt with severely.

  8. Visiting from A to Z....I live in the United States and had thought the "red car/ high insurance" was a truth. I've seen so many red sports cars do so many stupid things on the highway - if it is a myth, it shouldn't be. Alana


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