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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Tell me that is not romantic for you, please!

It was two in the morning, when I entered our room and GK was still occupied with one of his papers. It had been a month to our wedding. I was about to snooze, when he asked me if I would be interested in watching a movie. It was certainly not one of my insomniac nights. After fighting with my sleep for almost an hour while talking to my in-laws, I was feeling too drowsy. Even though I was least interested in watching a movie, I said yes. That is the beauty of being newly-weds, they eagerly oblige each other in starting. 
“What type of movie you want to see?” He probed me for my preference.
“Anything that is not heavy on head. Some rom-com or comedy!” I said smilingly, holding back my yawn.
He surfed through Netflix and played a movie.
I widened my eyes, “Why did you ask for my preference?” I said in a complaining tone, “That is not a rom-com, I don’t want to see any of those slow art movies. Well let us watch some nice romantic flick.” 
“Oh! I am sorry. Let me explore and find something else.” He apologized and started a new search.
“Ah! This one looks awesome, let us watch this.” He exclaimed, and played another movie.
I looked into his eyes, sharply, intensely with a stern face. And after a second turned my face to the opposite side and slept. He had selected MI-3, an action packed movie this time.
“What happened? You don’t like this one? Is it not good?” He was asking me. “Are you upset? Why are you not answering?”
“Let me sleep.” I spoke hiding inside the quilt, “switch off the lights.”
He had heard about abrupt female mood-swings. 
That was his idea of romance. Men are certainly from Mars. Within a month I realized I was married to a Ph.D., they have a very different idea of romance!!! 


  1. That is a nice anecdote. The following is just a general observation and definitely not directed against your spouse. I want to make that perfectly clear. Smart people spend more time on their achievements.

    1. Thanks SG. :)
      Didnt understand the context of last line? (My bad)

    2. It is not your mistake. I purposely left the sentence incomplete. It should have been Smart people spend more time on their achievements than on relationships when growing up. (Please forget I ever wrote that. I should not have written that sentence.)

  2. Interesting story about the difficulties of adjustments in a relationship.

    1. I know Kalpana... However if those adjustments are as trivial, life is funny :D

  3. Ha ha..!! Interesting! Men are sure from Mars and the sooner we accept, the better it is for us!


  4. Hahaha! MI-3!! I can so relate to this. :D

  5. :) why does it sound familiar :P

  6. Every guy has a different idea of romance or you can say no romance at all hahaha

    1. Totally agree every man has a different idea of romance haha

  7. Replies
    1. Haha he would laugh after reading the comments here!!!

  8. Hahahhahahahah...... Can't say more ....

  9. hahaha what do you think my husband's idea of a romantic date was ... SAW movie marathon. Yes that's right :P

    A Whimsical Medley
    Twinkle Eyed Traveller


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