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Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Monkey Connection

“You know you have a monkey mind…”, He was speaking to me over phone.
“That doesn’t sound like a compliment”, I squeezed one of my eyes and raised a brow upward, “we are not married yet. So you should weigh your statements knowing about the possible repercussions of the same…” I cautioned him mischievously.
He chuckled. He explained further in a diligent tone, “You do exactly opposite of what you are told. You are indecisive, you jump from one thing to another very quickly. That is a monkey-mind!

“Oh Please!” I became defensive, “I don’t always do the opposite of what I am told… I follow my mind which is not of a monkey for sure.”
That day I googled the definition of Monkey mind. 

And that night I introspected intensely, whether or not he was true! 
I have been a little indecisive for sure, but I am not restless and blah! 
A year passed, we were married now.
He came from work, fairly amused on something, “Show me your wrist.” he said enthusiastically.
“Why?” I was perplexed.
He grabbed my hand and headed me to the couch of our living room. I will tell you something really cool about yourself.
Being interested in palmistry I smiled and showed my palm with a cheerful face, ready to listen something cool about me.
Now touch your pinky finger to your thumb… 
I did what I was told to, staring at his face, still beaming with excitement.
“Woah! Look at that”, He exclaimed in exhilaration, “You got a monkey gene still left in you…”
“That is gibberish.” I was frowning annoyingly. My expectations and imagination went kaput suddenly.
He showed me his wrist it was plain while mine had a small muscle emerging out after joining my thumb and my pinky finger. He showed me this video:

In a heat of revenge all I could say was, “You love eating bananas and I hate them, you have a hidden gene too…”
It was even, at least in my own mind!


  1. It also appears in my wrist. My God , I am also having some monkey connections. I hv never thought of this.
    Thanks gk.
    Now I will check everybody's wrist in my group and will let you know,how many monkeys are there in my group.

    1. Hahahahaha I will wait for the count of the species like us 😂

  2. Interesting. I always use the term "Monkey See Monkey Do" to convey that someone is copying someone else. While on the subject of monkey, I just remembered a quote from Malcolm De Chazal. Monkeys are superior to men in this: when a monkey looks into a mirror, he sees a monkey.

    1. Thanks for sharing that quote :)
      That is true indeed!!!

  3. The video was amazing. Im gonna go check everyone's wrists now :p.

    Btw im part of the vaanar sena too.

  4. This just shows we're descendents of the first men B-) An interesting read. Feeling amused!

  5. This was quite interesting! And I guess I've got a monkey brain! I'm indecisive and I like bananas :P


  6. Interesting video Shesha...I am from the same Club!!


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