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Monday, April 25, 2016

Upgradation…the real upgradation!

I was planning to change my handset, when GK gifted me an I-phone. Some people are tech-savvy, some are mad for I-/phones while some are status conscious, I was none. 
“You know with that kind of money I would have bought one good phone and two additional lenses for my camera.” I gazed at GK. 
“Can’t you just thank me for that surprise?”
I smiled, “thank you. But seriously a good android phone with the latest technology would have costed much cheaper and served the purpose.  I am not tech-savvy. There was no requirement for this.” 
He was staring at me, straight-faced. 
“I am sorry, thanks again.” I bit my tongue.
My new phone had some trouble in it. So I was asked to use my old phone for the time being and he will take care of the product after getting back to US. 
We went to the mobile store, the very next day after our arrival in US. While getting our product exchanged, GK told the lady at the counter that I was a fan of android, and how he told me that I-phones are really comfortable, especially when you are in America. 
She took my old phone in her hands, looked at it for a moment, took out my card, looked at me, and talked in a very convincing and insightful tone, “You know you are getting a real upgradation.”, raising her eyebrows. Somewhere her tone had a hidden meaning in it.
I was oblivious to what she meant with those words for a moment. I still didn’t know what she said was about my phone-set or my status, but no one has any right to comment on either of them. I was soon fuming in rage.  Since I was very new to the place, I couldn’t respond to her at that time. But then I thought that ignorant lady doesn’t know the meaning of real-upgradation. My upgradation does not depend on these trivial things. It is no one else’s business on earth if I use a basic nokia phone or an android or an iphone, that is entirely my choice. It was time to call home and rant before my sister…


  1. What is an upgradation is an individual/personal opinion. The sales lady has no business telling you what should be your upgradation. Just FYI. I can have any phone for free due to my employment. But I never go near iphones because it does not a card slot.

    1. I know SG. I was irated with her too! And choice of phone or car or xyz is a personal preference. No third party has any say in that!!!

  2. I think using A or B or C brand is a personal choice. I was truly totally fed up of my Samsung. And iPhone was not even on my wishlist. I opted for Windows and God, how much people laughed at my choice. It's been a year and I LOVE my Windows phone. Do what makes you happy is my mantra!

  3. Agree with your take on the matter; we have a right to choose what we want and what we are comfortable... we will always have people in our lives who will try and tell you what you must buy, sometimes how we must look too:)

  4. I see people throwing their opinions on techy products all the time... unless asked for why impose your views. Even I don't like being told that my phone is shitty compared to their. Well it serves my purpose!!

    A Whimsical Medley
    Twinkle Eyed Traveller


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