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Saturday, April 30, 2016

You are known by the company you keep

Have you ever wonder why people are judged by the company they keep?
This world is a muddle of diversity. Every corner of this world is composed of people with different tastes, priorities, natures, upbringing and circumstances. In this confused mixture of masses, we find solace with those who are in close proximity with us.

 ‘Birds of a feather flock together’.  While growing up, we were told by our parents to pay heed to those we hang out with. They told us that we will become like the ones we move around with. If we surround ourselves with intelligent souls, our orientation will shift towards knowledge. Our company throughout our lives will constantly, in its own subtle ways, be shaping our identity in future. It may also determine our social standing in the world. During all those years in school, college and job, our conversations, our psyche got tinted in the hues of those friends we accompanied. Those people who loved to indulge in extravagant life of materialistic pleasures, always tried to pull others on similar grounds to accompany them.  On the other hand, those who were interested in books and philosophy attracted the interests of others too to ponder deeper. People with lot of negative energy and thoughts talked about negatives directly or indirectly most of the times, while happy people attracted happiness. We are mirrors to each others’ reflections. Our natures, way to tackle our problems, our orientations and way of carrying out conversations are reflected in each other. That comprise our character.  

Some relationships have no flow of positive energy. They are full of ranting and negative thoughts. It is better to cut off those emotional strings of gloom and pessimism to be freed from uneasiness and tiredness they cause. 

Every friendship or relationship should contribute to one's progress. There should be an exchange of thoughts and good knowledge from both the ends. Luck and cheer follow the joyous beings, while difficult ones attract difficulties. Keeping a good company is good for mental and physical health. And good set of friends contributes to a healthy, happy and progressive life.


  1. We see what we wana see....either happiness either negativity...anything....or we can say that our company is reflection of our thots......

  2. The kind of personality we have will reflect on the kind of people we go or deal with. So, I think people of the same feather flocks together.

    1. True SG :D people of feather flock together :D haha

  3. Rightly said shesha, it is very important to be choosy about, whom you hang out with all the time; I would say be happy and work on your own self, as you ultimately become what you think about yourself; secondly I also feel "we attract who we are and not what we have" so the choice will always be us and what and whom we choose.. I am glad to have surrounded myself with people who are genuine, authentic and service oriented, which also helps me to remain so and serve with love, peace and harmony.

    1. Thankyou for your precious words on these. I totally agree with you. We attract who we are and not what we have... :) I am happy to know that you are surrounded with such beautiful souls...


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